Goodyear UltraGrip


EU Tyre Label

Ahorro de combustible
Fuel efficiency is a measure of the tyre's rolling resistance. A tyre with low rolling resistance is fuel efficient because it requires less energy to roll. Fuel efficiency is rated from A (highest rating) to E (lowest rating).
Agarre en mojado
Wet grip measures the braking ability of the tyre on wet surfaces. Wet grip is rated from A (shortest stopping distance) to E (longest stopping distance).
Ruido externo
Measures the tyre's noise level outside the vehicle in decibels. The noise class is rated from A (quiet) to C (loud).
There are two new options for including an additional icon. The snow tyre icon shows, if a tyre is suitable for severe snow conditions. It bears a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol (3PMSF) that is incorporated in the sidewall of such tyres. The pictogram is granted by measuring the braking distance of a car from 25 mph on compacted snow or by measuring the traction force of a tyre. For a truck, the pictogram is granted by measuring the acceleration performance of a tyre. Snow grip performance in general is tested in accordance with Annex 7 to UNECE Regulation No 117. The regulation describes in detail such factors as test surface, air temperature, testing vehicle, load, pressure, speed, and many more.
Medidas disponibles en este neumático
Ancho Perfil Llanta Índice Velocidad
255 50 R19 107 V
255 55 R18 109 H
255 55 R18 109 H