Goodyear Total Mobility


Stories from the road

The aim of Goodyear Total Mobility is to drive results. But what results matter to our customers? Our Stories From The Road give you an insight into the people and the numbers they care about most – and how Goodyear helps make those numbers better.

120 minutes - average downtime after a tyre-related incident

Jean-Pierre Hein

42% - reduction in the cost of tyre-related breakdowns

Michalis Papas

Zero - the number of spare wheels carried

Mircea Cozma

100% of the fleet in Goodyear tyres

Christophe Cruzet

3% - reduction in total tyre cost

Leonardo Carnazza

1 hour - the time to taken to check the tyres of 50 vehicles

Krystian Tyksiński

450,000 km maximum distance on KMAX tyres

Santiago Chinchón

€100,000 - potential costs avoided per year

Saša Marič

350,000 - the total km achieved from each tyre

Marko Brkić

6% improvement in mileage

Philippe Chemin

12% reduction in total cost over 1 year

Tony Coghlan

95% - reduction in frequency of tyre incidents

Alfonso Abril

Like a Swiss watch

Hervé Cotting

80% - fewer tyre-related problems

Andrea Gottardi

83% - reduction in time to do fleet check reports

Milan Ilic

0 flats so far

Andrea & Mike Kammermann

230.000 breakdown-free kilometers

Alexander Göbel

70% of tyre breakdowns can be prevented proactively

Marcus Eitel & Linda Werab

1,800 eyes and ears

Oliver Schramm

500 vehicles fitted with Goodyear tyres and protected by Goodyear CheckPoint

Frédéric Lurol

5 happy Goodyear years so far

Dolf Hubertus

2 stolen tractors recovered

Artur Ulmer

72,000 - cars delivered on-time and safely every year

Alexandra Pircan