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Goodyear Tyres-as-a-Service

Let Goodyear manage your tyres for maximum efficiency

What is Goodyear Tyres-as-a-Service?

Experience a hassle-free tyre management solution for commercial and last-mile delivery fleets. Powered by proven predictive insights, retrofittable automatic tyre inflation technology and Goodyear’s industry-leading Total Mobility Solutions.

Creating value for fleets

Building on our existing innovative fleet solutions, Goodyear delivers the next phase of comprehensive tyre management. Goodyear Tyres-as-a-Service is an all-inclusive tyre management solution providing worry-free efficiency to fleets across the U.S. and Europe. 


A subscription-based solution that helps lower the total cost of ownership through reduced breakdown events and lower fuel consumption. 


Spend less time worrying about your tyres and more time driving value for your customers.

Technology with every tyre: what’s included? 

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Premium Tyres & Advanced Technology We’ll enhance you

We’ll enhance your vehicles with premium Goodyear tyres, sensor technology, automatic tyre inflation devices, and other valuable accessories.

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Nonstop Remote Monitoring

Our intelligent technology provides 24/7 monitoring of tyre pressure, temperature, and treadwear, with live data available to you on the Goodyear Mobility Cloud.

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Proactive Alerts

We’ll alert you about the status of your service appointments and any potential tyre maintenance requirements, so your vehicles are always ready when you need them.

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Worry-Free, End-to-End Tyre Service

We’ll identify necessary service actions for your vehicles, proactively contact your assigned service provider, and deploy them on your behalf.

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