Premium retreads

Goodyear Retreading

Why retread your tyres?

Retreading can increase your tyre’s lifespan by up to 150%*. It lowers cost, ups sustainability and creates a greener supply chain for your customers.


*Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of a new Goodyear tyre versus a new Goodyear tyre that is regrooved, retreaded and regrooved a second time. 

Which solution is best for you?

Goodyear offers two ranges of retreads to suit differing fleet customer needs: TreadMax and Next Tread.


Premium quality, engineered to endure


By using only the latest Goodyear tread patterns, TreadMax tyres are identical to the new tyres that they replicate. High-quality materials and comprehensive quality control checks ensure that the performance and reliability they offer is similar to that of new tyres.

Next Tread

Proven quality, a safe choice


The Next Tread retreads differ only by using standardised tyre patterns and a wider range of casings, which enables it to be offered at a lower price point. Thorough inspections ensure the tyres meet the highest standards when leaving the retread plant. 

Retreading made simple

To fully suit your schedule, Goodyear offers different ways to organise your retreading.

Simply swap your worn casings for a newly retreaded tyre from our Casing Exchange inventory, or send your casings directly to a Goodyear retread facility and get them returned fully retreaded. 



Customers who prefer to use their own casings can track progress on the handy eCasing app. Free to download, and available for iOS and Android, the app makes retreading process quicker and more convenient.

The smart application supports Goodyear’s eBusiness B2B platform MyWay, offering users greater visibility, traceability and more up-to-date information both online and on mobile devices.