Goodyear DrivePoint Receiver

Goodyear DrivePoint: Drive-past reader

The importance of tyre maintenance

Tyre Maintenance is an essential part of fleet management, but it is a significant daily challenge for commercial fleets.


Correct tyre maintenance takes qualified operational personnel, administrative support and thorough planning. And manual tyre checking takes a long time - while trucks remain unproductive in the yard – and is prone to human error.


The answer is Goodyear DrivePoint. If your vehicles make frequent, shorter journeys, it is an easy, automated way of accurately checking tyre pressure every time they come and go to the yard.

Benefits and Advantages

Quick and easy installation of wireless battery-powered technology.

Installation including set up of receivers feasible in less than 2 hours*.

Optimised tyre maintenance.

Reduced fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Reduced manual interventions and labour costs.

Extended tyre life and increased retreadability.

Reduced vehicle downtime and reduced breakdown costs.

Increased safety.

Improved fleet management.

These benefits and advantages are those experienced by Goodyear customers but are not guaranteed. The benefit realisation depends on proper preventive maintenance based on the information provided by the solution.
* Installation time might differ depending on the fleet and vehicle constellation.

What is a Goodyear DrivePoint?

Goodyear DrivePoint is a connected, yard-based drive-through tyre inspection system that allows automated and dynamic tyre pressure measurement. 

Easily installed via wireless battery-powered technology, the solution allows dynamic and rapid inspections of large quantities of vehicles – which is ideal for fleets with vehicles returning frequently to the yard. 

Combined with our user-friendly mobile and web applications, Goodyear DrivePoint supports an instant display of your tyre health allowing proactive monitoring and maintenance of your fleet.


What about the hardware? It is both simple and proven, comprising just two elements: on-valve sensors that fit easily onto the tyre valves and receivers for tyre data collection and processing.

DrivePoint on-valve sensors

  • Instant tyre pressure monitoring.
  • Quickly and easily installed: simply screw onto the valve (no need to remove tyre*).
  • Wireless, weather-resistant (IP67), battery-powered technology.
  • Lithium batteries for maximum performance and lifetime (up to 3 years).
  • Fits all tyre sizes and tyre brands.
  • Intelligent design allows inflation without removing the sensor.


* Dual tyres require removal of outer tyre for the installation of the DrivePoint extended on-valve sensor. Depending on your vehicle configuration, additional accessories and adapters may be required. 


DrivePoint receivers

  • Two battery-powered receivers** that read and analyze data from the sensors as they pass through.
  • Transfer of sensor data via mobile network to the Goodyear Cloud.
  • Easily installed at the location of your choice***.
  • Wireless technology - no electrical power supply or expensive groundwork required.
  • All-weather-resistant technology (IP66).


** Expected battery life 1 year. 

*** Reception radius of receivers can be affected by various factors. For optimised usage, receivers should not be positioned more than 5m apart from each other. Recommended to keep a minimum distance of 20m from receivers to the vehicle parking lot.

Please contact your Goodyear Proactive Solutions expert for more information.

How it works

See how easily Goodyear DrivePoint can transform your tyre maintenance schedule



Drive through the Goodyear DrivePoint receivers to instantly check your tyre pressure. There is no need to stop when passing the dedicated receiver area*.



DrivePoint on-valve sensors immediately collect the live tyre pressure data from each wheel position**.



Sensor data, including battery levels, is immediately captured by the receivers and transferred via a mobile network to the Goodyear Cloud for intelligent analysis**.



Instant display of your tyre health via our mobile and web applications for proactive monitoring of your fleet. Fast and user-friendly reporting and receive automatic notifications.


* A maximum speed of 10 km/h should not be exceeded. ** If sensor data is above the set-up threshold (20% lower than the RCP), the data will be stored and submitted to the Goodyear Cloud every 6 hours. A secure environment that is compliant with all applicable data protection regulations as EU General Data Protection Regulation.



Instant access to your tyre health

Goodyear FleetHub Web (Web Platform)

Goodyear FleetHub Web (Web Platform)

  • Customisable Web Platform.
  • One dashboard providing you with a complete overview of your fleet’s condition.
  • User-configurable reporting and new alert dashboard allowing you to manage your fleet your way.
  • Co-ordinate your daily maintenance.
  • Remote access to your tyre data – anywhere, anytime.
Goodyear FleetHub (Mobile Application)

Goodyear FleetHub (Mobile Application)

  • One dashboard providing an overview of all vehicles.
  • Overview of your fleet’s tyres and vehicle details.
  • Notifications and alerts when a tyre needs urgent maintenance.
  • Identify which tyre is affected.
  • Remote access to your tyre data – anywhere, anytime.



Goodyear DriverHub (mobile application)

Goodyear DriverHub (mobile application)

  • Up-to-the minute information for the driver
  • A ‘live’ view of the condition of the tyres on the vehicle
  • Immediate alerts if a loss in tyre pressure is detected or if a tyre is under-inflated to avoid incidents


Goodyear TechHub (Mobile Application)

Goodyear TechHub (Mobile Application)

  • Specifically developed to assist technicians
  • The intuitive mobile app guides you through the installation procedure
  • It helps you to easily set-up your fleet and input the right parameters for each hardware type
  • An in-app installation protocol is automatically generated and guides the technician through the process.