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Tyres are critical components of every vehicle. Which means that the way you manage tyres is key to your business. But how do you get best value from your tyre investment? How do you manage servicing, maintain quality and simplify admin? How do you keep your trucks on the road and keep your drivers safe – but whilst controlling costs? 

Some of Europe’s largest and most efficient fleets get their answers to these questions from us...

Goodyear IntelliDrive

Goodyear Tyres-as-a-Service- Worry-free tyre management

Tyre management can be time-consuming and stressful. But what if you could hand over the management of your tyres to a trusted and knowledgeable partner? Goodyear  Tyres-as-a-Service is an all-inclusive tyre management solution providing worry-free efficiency to fleets in the USA and Europe. 


Lower your total cost of ownership through lower fuel consumption and reduced breakdown events, all while freeing up more time to focus on key business decisions. 

Manage a fleet of trucks

FleetOnlineSolutions – simpler admin

Managing a fleet of trucks means multiple suppliers, multiple invoices, multiple currencies. If you manage everything through a single, centralised system, life becomes so much easier.   That’s why we created FleetOnlineSolutions – a tyre management system to help you stay in control and reduce admin effort and cost.

Goodyear CheckPoint

Goodyear CheckPoint – faster maintenance

Checking the pressure and condition of every tyre manually takes time and costs money. Using Goodyear CheckPoint takes seconds. Lower your maintenance costs and reduce truck downtime. Drive on, drive off, get back out there.

Goodyear TPMS

Goodyear TPMS – reduced downtime

Tyre-related problems are a major cause of expensive downtime – unless you see those problems coming and can take action. TPMS sensors relay tyre health data to you in real time. So you can act before you suffer damage or downtime.

Goodyear DrivePoint

Goodyear DrivePoint – Simplify your tyre maintenance

Correct tyre maintenance takes qualified operational personnel, administrative support and thorough planning. And manual tyre checking takes a long time - while trucks remain unproductive in the yard – and is prone to human error. The answer is Goodyear DrivePoint. If your vehicles make frequent, shorter journeys, it is an easy, automated way of accurately checking tyre pressure every time they come and go to the yard.

Goodyear TPMS

GOODYEAR joins forces with ZF to provide one-stop tyre and fleet management support

By pooling our expertise and investment in data-driven technology, Goodyear and ZF are offering transportation companies a custom, one-stop solution for more efficient and sustainable operations – combining Goodyear’s tyres, services and TPMS technology with ZF’s industry-leading Transics brand.

Goodyear DrivePoint

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Saša Marič, Fleet Manager, TransCAT Adriatic

“We spend a lot on tyres. People expect me to get maximum value from our investment”