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Goodyear TPMS: remote tyre monitoring

Goodyear’s small tyre sensor with a big impact

The simple act of attaching the small Goodyear TPMS* sensors to each wheel can mean a huge step forward in productivity. 


If a TPMS sensor detects a change in tyre temperature or pressure on any vehicle in any location, an alert is instantly sent to your desktop or mobile device. With the information at hand, you can take steps to prevent incidents that might cause expensive downtime, delayed deliveries, or unhappy customers. 


Goodyear TPMS helps you avoid problems and keep your fleet running. It gives you the control; it takes away the worry. Install the Goodyear TPMS truck  solution and bring your fleet up to a new level of reliability and efficiency.

How Goodyear TPMS helps your fleet

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Less downtime

Avoid tyre-related breakdowns. Let your trucks keep rolling.

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Reduced fuel costs

Under-inflated tyres consume more fuel. Keep pressure up, keep costs down.

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Longer tyre life

Maintain the optimum pressure. Get optimum distance. 

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Safer for drivers

Fewer incidents helps to keep drivers safe – and productive.

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Delight the customer

Fewer tyre-related incidents. Fewer missed deliveries.

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Easy to use

Automated measurement for truck tyres. Easy and efficient.

Truck with TPMS

How does Goodyear TPMS work?

We fit a tyre pressure sensor to the rim of each wheel. That sensor measures tyre pressure and temperature data and relays it via an on-board router and GPS to the Goodyear cloud. 


But this doesn’t mean you are constantly bombarded with data. 


Goodyear TPMS makes your life easier because it uses powerful G-Predict Technology to turn raw data into user-friendly alerts and reports. These are sent to both driver and fleet manager, who are then constantly aware of under-inflated tyres, air leaks or other mechanical issues. 


Also, G-Predict Technology can spot data trends and therefore give you advance warning of problems before they happen. Wherever your vehicle is, whether the engine is running or not, you know what’s going on with the tyres and what to do about it. 

How do I implement Goodyear TPMS?

We can help you deploy the Goodyear TPMS quickly – so you can start reaping the benefits of reduced downtime and better fleet management as quickly as possible. Get in touch today.

Our customers' voice

83% - reduction in time to do fleet check reports

Milan Ilic

2 stolen tractors recovered

Artur Ulmer

70% of tyre breakdowns can be prevented proactively

Marcus Eitel & Linda Werab

Designed for both fleet managers and drivers.

Goodyear FleetHub (web platform)

Goodyear FleetHub (web platform)

  • Customisable web platform
  • One dashboard providing you with a complete overview of your fleet’s condition
  • User-configurable reporting and new alert dashboard allowing you to manage your fleet your way
  • Track your vehicles and coordinate your daily business
  • Monitor your fleet by defining geographical areas (Geofences)
Goodyear FleetHub (mobile application)

Goodyear FleetHub (mobile application)

  • One dashboard providing an overview of all vehicles
  • Live view of your fleet’s tyres and live vehicle details
  • Alerts when a tyre needs urgent maintenance or replacing
  • Track your vehicles and monitor your fleet with Geofences
  • Instant information about mileage performance



The Goodyear DriverHub (mobile application)

The Goodyear DriverHub (mobile application)

  • Up-to-the minute information for the driver
  • A ‘live’ view of the condition of the tyres on the vehicle
  • Immediate alerts if a loss in tyre pressure is detected or if a tyre is under-inflated to avoid incidents


Goodyear TechHub (Mobile Application)

Goodyear TechHub (Mobile Application)

  • Specifically developed to assist technicians
  • The intuitive mobile app guides you through the installation procedure
  • It helps you to easily set-up your fleet and input the right parameters for each hardware type
  • An in-app installation protocol is automatically generated and guides the technician through the process.


Designed to identify potential incidents before they happen

Goodyear G-Predict Technology

Goodyear engineers specifically designed a suite of powerful algorithms that identify a potential incident before it happens. Data is analysed and potential incidents are flagged before they become an issue, which could lead to the vehicle not being roadworthy.

1. Data Retrieval

1. Data Retrieval

2. Data transfer via mobile network

2. Data transfer via mobile network

3. Goodyear server

3. Goodyear server

4. Data analysis with powerful Goodyear G-Predict Technology

4. Data analysis with powerful Goodyear G-Predict Technology

5. Alert and user-friendly reporting

5. Alert and user-friendly reporting

6. Preventive service execution

6. Preventive service execution