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Rethinking retreading

Why retreading is more relevant today than ever

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Goodyear Commercial Tyres are designed for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans. They provide increased load-carrying capacity, improved stability, better handling and improved safety for heavy duty vehicles. The tread pattern of commercial tyres is optimized to provide better grip on wet and icy surfaces, while the sidewalls are designed to provide a more comfortable ride. Goodyear tyres are built with improved durability, making them more cost-effective over time.

Why retreading is more relevant today than ever

Rethinking retreading

Tyres for all conditions


A high traction drive axle tire designed to maximize tire life and reduce operating cost on long haul applications and extreme high temperature climates.


A mixed service drive-axle tyre designed to offer smooth on-road driving, but also suitable for moderate off-road use. DuraShield technology means we guarantee retread casing acceptance and offer free tyre damage cover. 


A robust deep block tread pattern designed for the drive axle to maximize mileage and traction with a carcass structure to withstand the toughest jobs.