Truck tyre retread

Retreading & regrooving: the sustainable way to extend tyre life

As a fleet manager or owner, you have a responsibility to run your fleet as efficiently as possible – but also to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations. Our retreading and regrooving services are designed to help you handle both demands.

Simply more sustainable

Customers often demand that their suppliers meet key sustainability criteria. The world’s most modern fleets therefore use retreading and regrooving as a more environmentally responsible alternative to new tyres. Retreading means less waste, less energy – and requires only a third of the oil used in the production of a new tyre. 

Performance on a par with new tyres

Because the retreads are designed by the same experts that make the new tyres, and use exactly the same rubber compound, Goodyear retreads have the same design and profile and offer similar performance as brand new tyres. 

Drive more value out of every tyre

Retreading and regrooving are key parts of the tyre lifecycle that enable you to get the maximum possible mileage from each one, and deliver significant savings over the cost of new tyres.

Extend your tyre life with Goodyear

Alfonso Abril Ruiz, Fleet Manager, Transportes Las Maravillas

“A retread tyre should be able to deliver the same performance as its new tyre equivalent. This is exactly why we trust Goodyear as our partner of choice.”