Goodyear Multiple Life Concept

Breathe new life into your tyres

Our customers want to be part of the circular economy – supporting sustainability, yet also driving value.  Our Multiple Life Concept is a tyre renewal programme designed to reduce your carbon footprint, while delivering maximum performance and reliability, along with a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Extending life, maintaining quality

Goodyear retreads use the same tread pattern and use the same materials as new tyres. Combined with the quality of Goodyear casings, this ensures they demonstrate similar drive performance to their new equivalents. Used together with regrooving as part of a tailored tyre management programme, our Multiple Life Concept significantly extends tyre life – reducing your impact on the environment and driving more value from your tyre investment.

How the Goodyear Multiple Life Concept helps your fleet

Reduce your carbon footprint

Cut CO2 emissions and meet demands for sustainability.

Extend tyre life

Up to 25% extra mileage (internal data from the Goodyear Innovation Centre).

Similar to new performance

New-tyre tread patterns.

Similar to new reliability

Same high-quality materials as used in new tyres.

Maximise your tyre ROI

Cut overall tyre costs by up to 30%.

Maintain fleet efficiency

Preserve levels of fuel efficiency across the fleet without investing in new tyres.

The art of regrooving

Regrooving helps you get even more miles from each tyre – or even a retreaded tyre – and can be carried out by qualified experts in the TruckForce network. 

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