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Oliver Schramm - Fleet Manager at Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

1,800 eyes and ears

'We do not like to see ourselves as winning, or winners in the corona crisis,’ explains Oliver Schramm, Fleet Manager at Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG. A well-known name in international food and medical transport, they have managed their business from their head office in Friedrichsdorf, Hessen, Germany since 1949.

‘People first. The responsibility that comes with caring for 1,800 permanently employed truck drivers is immense. Then we set out to keep running, performing as much as we were used to. Living up to the same high service standards for our clients as we did before the crisis.’

"You could call this year unplannable, incalculable, even. Sure. But when you have about 1,000 motorised vehicles for the temperature-controlled transport of products like food, you become a crucial player, delivering essential services."

Part of a chain

It involves redefining security, and certainty.

‘With double shifts and drivers sharing trucks, we deployed even stricter security measures, detailing contact and sanitisation along our entire chain, from cabins to clients. And planning with our customers, in even finer detail than before, to remain flexible.’

Keeping people safe and service up to standards also means caring for trucks, of course.


‘We need optimal availability of our fleet in these circumstances’, says Oliver Schramm. ‘We are part of the logistics chain, and if we fail to deliver, others will too. Ultimately, this impacts on the consumer.’

A solid year with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TMPS)

‘So for about 300 trucks now, we have had 1,800 Goodyear sensors installed. They supply our technical teams with tyre data through a web portal and a mobile app. Managing tyre pressure, wear and life cycle in this way makes all the difference. Optimising all processes around maintenance and tyre service is another asset. One damaged tyre delays a whole shipment.’


It’s not just about avoiding breakdowns, but also about tyre and truck performance, and proactive maintenance. An important extra benefit is that fewer breakdowns means fewer people having to get into contact with each other. More peace of mind.

Long haul

In the whole of 2020, Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG has had the amount of breakdowns they used to have in a single quarter.

‘We have extended our contract with Goodyear into the coming years, and we are looking to expand the amount of sensors. The good thing is, I don’t hear my colleagues talk about TPMS, so the system is clear, self-evident and they’re happy with it.’


"For about 300 trucks now, we have had 1,800 Goodyear TPMS sensors installed"

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