Hervé Cotting - Technical Manager at TPF, Switzerland

Like a Swiss watch

Expecting a public bus service to be punctual is one thing; meeting Swiss passenger demands is quite another. Add cleanliness, impeccable driver service and security to this and you have the day-to-day business for TPF.

"Checks are crucial, but you need to make them efficient."

Perfection, not punctures

‘Our passengers expect nothing more than perfect conditions’, explains Hervé Cotting at the Technical Department of TPF.

‘Every day, every season. This is Switzerland,’ he smiles, ‘so we drive at altitudes ranging from 450m to 1,500m, whatever the weather.’



A tyre check at every return


‘We need plenty of different tyre types, for our 55 city and 170 regional buses. And we need them to perform.’

‘This is why we opted for the Goodyear CheckPoint. It’s the only system on the market that met our needs, and other Swiss businesses use this system as well. Every bus coming in at the TPF site in Givisiez drives over the reader. The Goodyear CheckPoint scans the tyres and automatically checks the pressure and tread of each tyre. The tyre data is instantly sent to our offices into a management tool. At a glance, we can tell which bus needs a tyre service. It’s as simple as that.’

“Almost zero risk”

The difference? Ease of use and peace of mind. It’s a fast and reliable way of checking tyre pressure, which gives you a clear view of tyre performance.

‘At the same time, you reduce the risk of a bus leaving and getting a flat tyre later on almost to zero,’ Hervé explains.

‘Moreover, it makes our mechanics lives easier and lets them save a lot of time. They don’t have to go round all of our depots and check up on the wear of all tyres.


Saving on all levels

So who wins? Everybody: the passengers and the drivers win in terms of safety, and the people working at the maintenance department of TPF win in terms of efficiency. It’s both a time and money saving tool for our company. What’s more, it makes a difference to the environment as well because optimised tyre management means optimised fuel economy.

Perfection, not punctures

TPF is subject to quality controls required by the Federal Office of Transport (OFT). One of their parameters for quality control is the Quality Management System (QMS). Mystery shoppers are regularly evaluating the services of TPF based on the criteria defined by the OFT, in particular the quality of the services, the passenger information, the cleanliness of the vehicles, the infrastructure and many other criteria. The system enables TPF to constantly improve the quality of its services.


"The Goodyear CheckPoint is the only system on the market that met our needs"

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