New Car Tyres Buying Guide

When the time comes to buy new tyres for your vehicle, there are a few simple steps you can take to make the process as quick and easy as possible:

  • Know your tyre size - consult your vehicle handbook or check your current tyre sidewalls to read the size or sizes you will require. Learn how to read your tyre sidewall
  • Decide on what type of tyre you need - you could narrow this down to summer, all season or winter patterns - and even research which model of tyre you require before your visit to the garage
  • Consider replacing tyres in pairs or a full set - generally it is recommended to replace your tyres in pairs and fitting the new pair to the rear of the vehicle, or replacing all four. Read our guide to replacing your car tyres

Talking to your dealer

Do a little preparation before talking to your tyre dealer so that they can give you the best advice possible:

Tyre Dealer

Be clear what you want

The more information you can tell your dealer about your driving routines, the better. You should also make a note of the tyre characteristics that are most important to you.

Read the manual

Your vehicle’s manual may have information on the kinds of tyres that optimise the performance and handling of your car. Check it first before talking to your dealer.

Know your price

Tyres are a critical part of your car and the only part that connects you to the road, so it’s important not to underspend on them. At the same time, you'll want to get value for money and take advantage of any offers. Check the website to see the different prices within a range or ask your dealer for advice.

Want to learn more about caring for your tyres and extending their lifespan? Read our Guide to Tyres to learn more about monitoring tyre pressures, the signs of wear and good driving habits to extend the life of your tyres. 

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