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Choosing The Best Van Tyres

Whether you’re a one-man band or a company fleet – your vans are at the heart of your business driving forward productivity and efficiency. Any form of downtime from a flat tyre to being immobile in poor weather can impact your bottom line – that’s why it’s essential to choose a tyre suited to the needs of your van.  

Choosing the best tyres for your van is essential given that light trucks/commercial vehicles are designed for specific requirements such as:

  • Heavy loads – Transporting goods, deliveries, tools and equipment
  • High mileage – Often driving all day, every day so requires durable tread
  • Road conditions – Building sites, industrial estates, etc. often have unpaved/uneven roads
  • Structural strength – Reduce the likelihood of downtime due to flat tyres
  • Rolling resistance/fuel efficiency - A good van tyre can cope with heavy loads with low rolling resistance ensuring fuel costs are kept to a minimum
  • Durable tread – High mileage and often driving on uneven road surfaces mean tread can be worn down quickly

NEW: Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo 2

The latest van tyre in the Goodyear range excelling in durability and wet performance

Wet Braking Technology


8% Shorter wet braking*. A new traction resin helps the compound to deform during the wet braking maeuver which results in a higher braking efficiency, thus shorter braking distance.

Durability Plus Technology


+38% Improved Durability*. New compound results in higher resistance at high temperatures. The tread has more resillience against harsh road conditions.

What is the Legal Minimum Tyre Tread on Vans?

For vans up to 3.5 tonnes or passenger vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats the minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. For vans over 3.5 tonnes or those with more than 8 passenger seats the legal minimum tread depth is 1mm.

As tread is crucial in terms of providing traction, grip and resistance against aquaplaning it is essential you check your tyre treads regularly and keep your tyres maintained to extend life span. You can check your tyre treads using a tread depth gauge which is inexpensive and fits within the glove box of your van. You can also use the visual Tread Wear indicators on the tyre itself or follow our guide to using the border of a 20p piece.

Choosing a tyre with more durable tread such as the EfficientGrip Cargo 2 can serve your van well making it more resistance to harsh road conditions and enduring less damage which can extend tyre life span – as well providing better performance in wet and dry braking.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo tyre on van

Tyre Markings on Van Tyres

Tyre markings on the sidewalls of van tyres are very similar to the markings that are used on all other tyres – providing a value on width, profile, rim size and speed and load ratings. Van tyres have an additional C mark that means the tyre is specifically designed for commercial vehicle use.

Some van tyres will also have these additional markings on the sidewall:

RF – Reinforced

XL – Extra Load

Do You Need Winter Van Tyres?

If you travel through rural areas or anywhere that experiences harsh wintery conditions during the colder months, it may be worth changing your tyres in line with the seasons and fitting a winter set when the temperature begins to drop below around 7°c as a rule of thumb.

Benefits of Winter Tyres:

  • Increased grip levels in colder temperatures due to winter tyres contain a higher proportion of rubber that makes them softer at low temperatures with a higher rate of elasticity which helps to increase the level of grip in snow and ice
  • High sipe density and biting edges of tread design provides enhanced braking and traction on snow and ice
  • Keeps your van moving during periods of harsh weather with optimum performance and safety

Goodyear UltraGrip Cargo

Keep your van on the road, even in tough winter conditions

Better balance between dry and snow performance


Sipes with interlocking effect to provide both grip and tread stability

Improved mileage even under heavy loads


Contact path stabilising construction with extra durable compound

Enhanced braking & traction on snow and ice


Higher sipe density in improved arrangement

All Season Van Tyres

To remove the need to change your tyres seasonally and reduce maintenance time and cost of this, all season van tyres are a great alternative – offering the best of summer and winter tyres all year round and keeping your van moving whatever the weather.

Benefits of All Season Van Tyres:

  • Year-round protection against changing weather conditions – ideal for the UK climate
  • All weather silica compound ensures performance on winter roads even when
  • More affordable than purchasing a set of summer and winter tyres
  • 3PMSF mark All Season tyres allow you to travel in winter throughout other European countries where winter tyres are required by law – removing the need to change tyres. It is recommended to check local laws around this before travelling throughout other European countries

Goodyear Cargo Vector 2

The long-lasting light truck and van tyre for year-round performance

Good traction all year round


Designed to maximise lateral and longitudinal traction, keeping your van moving all year long

High aquaplaning resistance


Drive in summer rains and winter thaws with tread grooves that quickly evacuate water and slush

Even wear for longer life


The Cargo Vector 2 wears evenly across the tyre surface – ensuring smoother driving and a longer lasting tyre

Van Tyre Maintenance

Although van tyres are designed to be tough and durable to deal with the demands of high mileage and harsh road conditions, it is crucial to ensure your tyres are maintained to help minimise downtime, maximise safety and performance and be efficient with prolonging the life of your tyres:

  • Check tyre pressures at regular intervals – tyre pressure is fundamental for optimum tyre performance and efficiency and should be checked every month
  • Regular and frequent complete visual checks of sidewalls, tyre tread and tread depth
  • Rotate your van tyres at intervals of around 6000-10,000 miles to encourage even tyre wear
  • Follow guidance from tyre sidewall on speed/load ratings to ensure your van is not overloaded that could lead to tyre damage
  • Maintain good, smooth driving habits such as no harsh braking or accelerating that can impact tyre wear
  • Ensure your wheels are correctly aligned by checking for signs of misalignment and checks from your local garage as part of a wheel change or replacement service

For further help and advice on tyre maintenance follow our guide to understanding your tyre

Interested in learning more about van tyres for fleets? Contact our UK team to find out more. 

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*Compared to predecessor EfficientGrip Cargo