Goodyear Tyres UK Limited Gender Pay Gap Narrative 2021

Our Introduction

Goodyear is an Equal Pay Employer. We, as part of the Global Goodyer Organisation, are committed to building a diverse workforce and creating a work environment where talent is recognized and rewarded – regardless of gender.

In this report we outline our gender pay gap figures, identify the reasons behind any pay differences and our plans to support closing any gaps. The data contained in this report is derived using the snapshot date of the 5th April 2021, and we confirm that the data reported is accurate and in line with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Our Baseline

At the snapshot date, Goodyear Tyres UK Ltd employed 437 Associates across our Birmingham Head Office location, our national TruckForce Hub network and field-based positions.


Overall, our employees as of this date comprised of 364 males and 73 females.


Our Findings

Proportion of Males & Females in each pay quartile:

The proportion of males vs females in each of the pay quartiles is as highlighted above.


We have studied our gender pay gaps for the snapshot year 2021/2022 and can make the following observations:

1. The mean gender pay gap using hourly pay is a total of 1.6%. This means, that within the Goodyear Tyres UK organization, men earn – on average – 1.6% more than their female counterparts

2. In comparison, the median gender pay gap using hourly pay is a total of 4.1%.



MEAN (average)

MEDIAN (middle)

Gender Pay Gap




The gender pay gap at Goodyear Tyres UK ltd is influenced by the following:


a) That a higher proportion of our Senior Leadership roles based from the UK are male, and are based in the Upper Quartile range

b) All of our hourly-paid Truckforce technician (tyre fitter) population are male, with approximately 80% of this grouping located in the lower and lower middle quartile ranges

c) That in 2021 we promoted 19 of our female Associates into roles within the Upper Middle and Upper Quartile roles



MEAN (average)

MEDIAN (middle)

Gender Bonus Gap




In relation to the comparison of bonus payments, 86.30% of women earned a bonus compared to 85.71% of men. The bonus pay gap between genders has reduced significantly in 2021, from an average of 40.2% in 2020 and 51.5% in 2019, to 23.8% in this snapshot period in 2021.

Our bonus payments are structured as a percentage of annual salary – both elements of which are determined by job grades. Proportionately, there are a higher number of male associates at these higher grades, and thus earn higher bonus values. However, the reasons for the statistically significant closing of the gap in 2021 are as follows:

a)        The increase in the number of females in leadership roles and thus higher pay grades within the organization

b)        The departure of males in leadership roles and thus higher pay grades within the organization

c)        An increase in females in our sales organization, increasing the number of females receiving a bonus

We do not believe that there is a gender bias in our approach to bonus pay, especially when considering that proportion of women and men receiving a bonus is roughly the same and our bonus structure is linked to pay grade. But we recognise that the mean and median gender bonus gap will only continue to close if an increased number of women are holding roles in the middle and upper pay quartiles. We are pleased to see our continued efforts to hold diverse slate interviews and encourage the career advancement of our female employees is represented through the analysis of this year’s gender pay gap reporting.

Our Commitment to Closing The Gap

We are confident that all genders are paid equally for doing equivalent roles throughout the Goodyear UK organization, and beyond. We are committed to attracting, retaining and developing female talent, and achieve a gender balance at all levels of our organization.

As part of this commitment, 2022 sees the launch of the Goodyear Women’s network in the UK & Ireland, a network of global Associates and Allies who come together to support the further advancement of female career development within Goodyear, promote gender diversity - especially at leadership levels - and provide opportunities to attract, motivate and retain women at Goodyear. We hope to see this network – already a great success in our EMEA region – continue to close the gap in both our hourly pay and bonus categories in the coming years.

We have continued to invest in a series of family friendly and flexible working policies in place to allow all employees, regardless of gender, to strike the right balance between their personal life and their career development. In 2021, we launched our Hybrid Working Policy, taking learnings from the pandemic and continuing to encourage our office-based Associates to work from home on 1 or 2 days per week, acknowledging that this additional flexibility – particularly for those with caring or parental responsibilities – makes a huge positive difference to this work-life balance.

2021 also saw the launch of our Mental Health Awareness programme, with over 75% of our people managers taking part in MHFA England accredited training, and an additional 8 of our Associates across the business – 50% of which were female – taking part in Goodyear Tyres UK Ltd’s first mental health first aid programme.

In 2022, we will continue to focus on providing diverse slates in recruitment shortlisting for all roles, with a particular focus for executive and leadership positions, alongside continuing to focus on leadership development programmes.

We remain committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, age, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or disability. We have a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work, regardless of their sex (or any other characteristic set out above). As such, we:

  • Evaluate job roles and pay grades within a fair pay grade structure
  • Carry out pay and benefits audits at regular intervals;
  • Have clear processes and approvals in place for any pay reviews
  • Provide regular anti-discrimination training for all managers and other staff members who are involved in pay reviews

We are confident that the information contained in this report is accurate, and compliant with the  Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. 

Head of HR UK & Ireland