OE = Original Equipment

What is OE?

OE stands for Original Equipment - the parts that your vehicle was fitted with at the factory. Original equipment can include key components under the bonnet through to your car tyres. 


OE Tyres

OE tyres are developed by tyre manufacturers in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer. This process takes place during the early development cycle of a new vehicle. During this cycle, the tyre manufacturer will look at various aspects of tyre performance, such as dry and wet handling, dry and wet braking and tyre noise.

Goodyear work with many vehicle manufacturers to develop high performance tyres for new car models. You can discover more about tyres we’ve designed for Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and many more.

Tyre specifications are unique to each manufacturer and follow their own brand philosophy and DNA. Only OE approved tyres are fitted to new vehicles on the assembly line. 

What is OE

OE Tyres Development Cycles

The development cycles for OE tyres can take several years. They involve many lab-based tests, and the prototype tyres cover hundreds of thousands of real-world miles during this process. 

Goodyear OE Process

Why is it important for me?

  1. Optimal Performance: OE tyres and vehicles are designed together, so continuing to use original equipment will maintain the optimised driving performance the manufacturer intended.
  2. Quality: manufacturers trust Goodyear to provide highly engineered tyres bespoke to their vehicles. You can do the same by choosing Original Equipment.
  3. Delivering trust: all Goodyear tyres are tested for more than 50 performance characteristics to ensure optimal performance.
OE Tyres Testing

Learn more about the original equipment tyres and manufacturers Goodyear works with by exploring some of the brands below: 

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Replacing OE Tyres

When it comes to replacing your tyres, consider fitting your car with the OE tyres it was originally supplied with. This way, you’ll know your car is fitted with tyres specifically designed to provide optimal performance for your car. You can find the OE specific mark on the sidewall of your tyres. Use our guide to OE tyre markings to discover more. 

What's The Difference between OE & OEM?

The simple difference is that OE stands for Original Equipment such as the car tyres themselves, and OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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