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Goodyear and the quest for sustainability

Destination unknown: a quest for sustainability

In the world of commercial transport, it’s easy to think on a day-to-day level.  Loads need to go here, we need a driver there, a tyre needs fixing, and so on.

Goodyear TPMS mobile application

Five unexpected benefits of Goodyear TPMS

The main benefit of TPMS is that you can keep an eye on the tyres, wherever you are. If they start to deflate, you know there’s a problem and can sort it out.

Goodyear carbon neutral by 2050

Europe to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

The 2020 European Commission’s Green Deal aims to make Europe the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

Goodyear compliance and regulations

Compliance & regulations

Never get caught off guard by changing legislation. This section is your one-stop shop for updates on the latest and upcoming regulations in the truck world of tyres.


Of course, we don't just keep you updated; we also advise fleets on what you can do to achieve compliance in all areas from technical tyre specifications to environmental legislation.


Tyre maintenance planner

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Testimonial Santiago Chinchon

450,000 km maximum distance on KMAX tyres

Santiago Chinchón

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Like a Swiss watch

Hervé Cotting

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2 stolen tractors recovered

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