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When downtime is not an option

Every day, at over 2,000 locations across Europe, TruckForce technicians and staff go to work with a single goal in mind - to keep your fleet running efficiently.

Equipped with the full range of tyres and technical solutions, fully trained and certified by Goodyear, this is your team behind the scenes – fully dedicated to getting the most out of your tyre investment and keeping your trucks on the road.

Reduce downtime

On average, TruckForce gets stranded trucks active and back on the road in 2.5 hours, minimizing incident-related downtime.


Premium support, no matter where

Unexpected vehicle stoppages generate high breakdown costs, therefore it’s important to know that you’ll be serviced by experts to the very highest of standards.


No matter what vehicle

No two vehicles are the same. TruckForce makes sure every single truck gets the correct tyres and technical solutions.


Extend tyre life and performance

Substandard tyre maintenance has grave impacts on driving and mileage performance. TruckForce’s experts can tell you how to get the most out of your tyre investment.

Meet sustainability and fuel-efficiency targets

Underinflated tyres lead to higher fuel consumption and increase your C02 emissions. With TruckForce, you’ll get more value from every tyre.


Premium, consistent service

TruckForce experts are trained and certified by Goodyear, ensuring you get the best service, every time.


Service tailored to your needs

A dedicated team that ensures you get the service that is right for you


What is Goodyear TruckForce?


Over 2000 contracted locations across Europe


ServiceLine24: roadside assistance 24/7


Assured, premium service


We find the right tyre for the right application


TruckForce partners have detailed knowledge of the Goodyear product portfolio


Expert advice and assistance


Working with you to prolong tyre life and maximise investment


Our network is able to deliver a bespoke service tailored to your needs


Comprehensive service that supports your tyre choice


Premium support service


Structure audit process


Ongoing training and development programmes


High Standards of customer service