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Goodyear TPMS: remote tyre monitoring

Goodyear’s small tyre sensor with a big impact

The simple act of attaching the small Goodyear TPMS sensors to each wheel results in a huge step forward in productivity.

When a Goodyear TPMS sensor detects a change in tyre temperature or pressure on any vehicle in any location, an alert is sent to your desktop or mobile device.


With the information, you can take steps to prevent incidents that might cause expensive downtime, delayed deliveries, and unhappy customers. 

The solution includes a built-in GPS allowing fleet managers to track and trace their vehicles as well as get notified when vehicles leave or enter a predefined geographical area (Geofence).


Goodyear TPMS helps you avoid problems and keep your fleet running. It gives you control and takes away worry. Install the Goodyear TPMS truck solution to level up your reliability and efficiency.


Optimised tyre and vehicle maintenance

Reduced vehicle downtime and breakdown costs

Reduced manual interventions and labour costs

Extended tyre life, improved performance and increased retreadability

Improved fleet management

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Locate your vehicles, and prevent unauthorized movements or theft

These benefits and advantages can be experienced by Goodyear customers but are not guaranteed. The benefit realisation depends on proper preventive maintenance based on the information provided by the solution.

How does Goodyear TPMS work?

Step 1: On-road-monitoring

Rim-mounted sensors constantly collect and monitor the tyre pressure and tyre temperature from each wheel position.

Step 2: Goodyear Cloud

The rim-mounted sensor and vehicle data are immediately captured by the battery-powered onboard telematics unit and transferred to the Goodyear cloud*.


*For a continuous data transmission to the Goodyear cloud, a reliable mobile network coverage is required.

Step 3: Intelligent analysis

Goodyear G-Predict technology, a suite of powerful algorithms, analyses the data and makes it actionable by providing predictive and prescriptive information

Step 4: Instant results

Regular display of your tyre condition and vehicle parameters via the Goodyear web and mobile apps, Goodyear FleetHub and Goodyear DriverHub, allowing proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance of your fleet.

An application for every profile in the fleet

Goodyear FleetHub
Web and mobile application

Your fleet at a glance
  • One dashboard: An instant overview of your fleet’s condition.
  • Vehicle details: Access your fleet’s tyres and vehicle details. Identify which tyre is affected and follow up on the vehicle mileage performance.
  • Intelligent analyses: Receive predictive and prescriptive information allowing you to take the right actions.
  • Customized reports and alerts: Get notified and receive alerts when a tyre needs urgent maintenance.
  • Track & Trace: Track your vehicles and coordinate your daily business. Monitor your fleet by defining geographical areas through geofencing.


Goodyear FleetHub web



Goodyear DriverHub
Mobile Application

Instant access to your vehicle data


  • One app to assist your drivers: specifically tailored to drivers, the app continuously provides information on the vehicle’s tyre condition.
  • Know what is going on: Alerts and notifications  inform you if a change in tyre pressure and/or temperature is detected. By identifying which tyre is affected and the degree of urgency the right actions can be taken.



Goodyear TechHub
Mobile Application

A guide for technicians


  • Installation and configuration support: specifically designed for technicians, the app guides you through the installation procedure and helps you to easily set-up your fleet and quickly input the right parameters for each hardware.