Tyre Management

Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions: Efficient fleet administration

Keep it simple – and have your whole fleet at your fingertips

Managing a fleet of trucks across Europe is complex. Multiple suppliers who provide different products and services, and who charge in various currencies.

Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions makes life easier by bringing everything into one simple system on your laptop or phone.


Reduce downtime and keep admin costs down

Better visibility of costs

Establish a clear tyre policy

Speed up repairs and servicing

Bespoke solutions built around your fleet’s needs

Happier customers

Maximise performance and efficiency

Instant information whenever you need

How Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions works

FleetOnlineSolutions stores everything you need to run a fleet in one place. Not just information about your vehicles and their tyres – but the contractual and financial details that you need to have to hand. Want to know the agreed terms and policy details with each supplier? It’s all in there.


The advantage of having all information in one place is that, when you need repairs or assistance, your suppliers get working faster and get you back on the road. And then you pay with a single, consolidated invoice. Easier, faster, more efficient. And whenever you need reports, you can generate them at the touch of a button. 


Tyre management from any device


Contracted work carried out on any vehicle, at any time


Efficient service minimises downtime


Summarised reports in an easy-to-setup format


Comprehensive history at your fingertips


A useful authorisation and approval tool


The right service at the right time


Links service providers directly to your fleet's type policy


Fast response to keeping your fleet on the move


Invoicing made simple


Consolidated into correct currencies for payment


Provides a single, monthly statement

How can I get started with Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions?

Get in touch today and we’ll explain how to implement Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions – and start making life easier and more efficient for everyone involved in fleet management and administration.

Our customers' voice

20% fewer tyre-related incidents

Juan Antonio Aparicio Dávalos

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12% reduction in total cost over 1 year

Tony Coghlan

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95% - reduction in frequency of tyre incidents

Alfonso Abril

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Goodyear eJob: Automated tyre management and inspection tool

More visibility for fleet managers, easier admin for Goodyear service partners

Automate and streamline your truck and fleet inspection process with the Goodyear eJob Android app. The mobile tyre management application features a whole host of features, including registration, maintenance, roadside assistance, retreading and warranty information for service providers.


Features and benefits:

  • Full transparency of all maintenance and fleet inspections
  • Shows tyre condition, reason for work and work done by your service partner
  • Visible data within seconds of job submission, from anywhere in Europe
  • Integrated with agreed tyre policies on Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions
  •  Send tyre data to your customers with a single barcode scan