Juan Antonio Aparicio Dávalos - Manager & Administrator, Frío Aragón, Spain

20% fewer tyre-related incidents

Since 1988, when Frío Aragón became the first truck company in the Aragon area to offer refrigerated transport, much has changed. The fleet has grown to almost 400 vehicles and, as it becomes more sophisticated, it has focused increasingly on improving efficiency in order to provide the best possible service and price to the customer.

"By relying on Goodyear, our incidents are down 20%. With better tyres, you get fewer incidents."

General manager Juan Antonio Aparicio Dávalos explains how this has affected tyre choice: “When the company is smaller, you don't look much at the type of tyre and the profitability. But when you start to get a little bigger, you have to manage it yourself and put in an exclusive tyre department, as we do here.”


The company’s selection of Goodyear has been based on thorough testing. “We have a fuel testing program where we weigh the fuel to calculate consumption, comparing results by changing the type and brand of the tyre. At the end it provides us with some data that we take into account when buying. After many tests, the decision has been to buy Goodyear.”

Efficiency helps the company to offer a good price, but quality is also key. “What clients value most is the punctuality and the quality of the service that you are offering them. I always fight to ensure that every customer who calls has a solution, and that the customer is satisfied.” Using Goodyear tyres, combined with services such as the FleetOnlineSolutions, gives Juan Antonio confidence that the company is able to deliver on its promises: “The first thing we take into account is the durability of the tyres. By relying on Goodyear, our incidents are down 20%. With better tyres, you get fewer incidents. And if there are any, Goodyear’s services take care of it – anywhere in the country”.

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