Goodyear Truckforce expert walking alongside truck driver for road-side assistance

Goodyear ServiceLine24: truck road assistance 24/7

Roadside assistance when you really need it

We do everything we can to reduce your fleet’s tyre-related incidents. But when the unexpected happens, Goodyear ServiceLine24 is always at your side. With our European network, we can get a team out to you as quickly as possible.

How Goodyear ServiceLine24 helps your fleet

Keep your fleet moving

Minimise downtime with swift roadside support.

Speedy repair

Active incident management for swift turnaround – on average 2 hours.

Multi-lingual support

Our operators are ready to respond in any language.

Anytime, anywhere

24/7/365 support, delivered by a network of over 6,500 teams across Europe.


How ServiceLine24 works

Just one phone call and you know you’ll be back on the road shortly. Our multi-lingual ServiceLine24 operators will record your situation, note your location and an expert team will be on their way, directed by our unique mapping system.


ServiceLine24 technicians are expertly trained and will repair or replace as required. On average, the problem is solved and the truck is moving again within two hours.

How can I get ServiceLine24 working for me?

Get in touch today and we can set up a subscription to get you covered straight away. From tomorrow, you could be covered by one of Europe’s most complete support services. 

Our customers' voice

Zero - the number of spare wheels carried

Mircea Cozma

€100,000 - potential costs avoided per year

Saša Marič