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Goodyear CheckPoint: automated tyre analysis in seconds

Speed up maintenance and get back on the road – safely

Manually checking tyres is a time-consuming task. You need to know the tyre pressure, the remaining tread depth and more besides, but every minute spent on this manual process – or even waiting for checks to be carried out – is unproductive downtime.


Fortunately, fleet managers have an alternative in Goodyear CheckPoint – an automated solution that does the job in seconds.

How Goodyear CheckPoint helps your fleet

Faster, easier maintenance

Tyre checks performed in seconds as the vehicle passes over the plate.

Reduce human error

Automated tyre analysis is not just fast, it’s extremely accurate.

Maximise uptime

Checking tyre status reduces the likelihood of tyre-related breakdowns.

Use less fuel

Makes it easier to maintain perfect pressure in each tyre – and optimal fuel consumption.

Longer-lasting tyres

Keep the right tyre pressure, extend tyre life.

Look after your drivers and other road users

Improved tyre maintenance helps you improve the safety of your road operations.

No financial penalties

Fewer breakdowns means fewer late deliveries – and overloading can be easily spotted and avoided.

Customer satisfaction

Fulfil your promise of on-time deliveries.

Goodyear Tyre scan

How Goodyear CheckPoint works

Goodyear CheckPoint is a ground-mounted metal plate containing sophisticated cameras, lasers and sensors that read tyre information as the vehicle passes overhead. Advanced predictive technology interprets the data in seconds – giving you an accurate measurement of tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load* and total vehicle weight*.


Equipped with OCR cameras, it reads the registration plate and matches the data to the vehicle and delivers a time-stamped comprehensive report almost instantly. You then have the information you need to service or change tyres or send the vehicle back on the road.


* features available only on the in-ground version of the Goodyear CheckPoint

Take fleet efficiency to the next level

The big advantage of the Goodyear CheckPoint is that you get more roadtime. Less time waiting for the checks to be carried out and less downtime caused by unforeseen tyre-related incidents. Goodyear CheckPoint tells you exactly what is happening with each tyre and you can take steps to prevent any problems. Your fleet keeps running – safely and efficiently.

How can I get started with Goodyear CheckPoint?

Want to get Goodyear CheckPoint up and working in your yard? Get in touch today and start reaping the benefits of faster, easier tyre checking.

Our customers' voice

1 hour - the time to taken to check the tyres of 50 vehicles

Krystian Tyksiński

500 vehicles fitted with Goodyear tyres and protected by Goodyear CheckPoint

Frédéric Lurol