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Goodyear CheckPoint: Drive-over reader

Get a comprehensive overview of your tyre health in seconds

Tyre health is  more than just pressure. It’s about remaining tread depth, overall tyre wear and more. But manually checking tyres is a time-consuming task and like everything done by humans – prone to error. And what’s worse, every minute spent on this manual process – or even waiting for checks to be carried out – is unproductive downtime.


Fortunately, fleet managers have an alternative in Goodyear CheckPoint – an automated solution that does the job in seconds.


With a ground-mounted plate that houses sophisticated cameras, lasers and sensors, Goodyear CheckPoint reads tyre information as the vehicle passes overhead. Advanced technology interprets the data in seconds – giving you an accurate measurement of tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load* and total vehicle weight*.


With Goodyear CheckPoint, you get more road time. It tells you exactly what is happening with each tyre and you can take steps to prevent problems. Your fleet keeps running – safely and efficiently.


* features available only on the in-ground version of the Goodyear CheckPoint


Optimised tyre and vehicle maintenance

Reduced vehicle downtime and reduced breakdown costs

Reduced manual interventions and labour costs

Extended tyre life, improved performance and increased retreadability

Improved fleet management

Increased customer satisfaction

Greener and leaner fleet management with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Reduced penalties for overload and late deliveries

Increased safety

These benefits and advantages can be experienced by Goodyear customers but are not guaranteed. The benefit realisation depends on proper preventive maintenance based on the information provided by the solution.

How does Goodyear CheckPoint work?

Step 1: Dynamic drive-over

Instantly check your tyre and vehicle parameters by driving straight through the dedicated measurement zone.

Step 2: Data collection

Ground-mounted sensors collect the tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load* and total vehicle weight* in seconds. All coupled with a time stamp and individual vehicle identification.


*Only available with the in-ground version.

Step 3: Goodyear Cloud

Sensor and vehicle data are immediately captured by the system and transferred to the Goodyear cloud for intelligent analysis.**


** For a continuous data transmission to the Goodyear cloud, a reliable mobile network coverage is required.

Step 4: Instant results

Instant display of your tyre condition and vehicle parameters via the display terminal or mobile and web applications – allowing proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance of your fleet.

* Only available with the in-ground version. ** For a continuous data transmission to the Goodyear cloud, a reliable mobile network coverage is required

An application for every profile in the fleet

Goodyear FleetHub
Web and mobile application

Your fleet at a glance


  • One dashboard: One dashboard providing you with an instant overview of your fleet’s tyre condition
  • Vehicle details: Access your fleet’s tyres and vehicle details. Identify which tyre is affected or needs replacing
  • Fleets insights: Detailed analysis and inspection results help you to take the right actions and improve your fleet efficiency
  • Alerts: Get notified and receive pressure alerts when a tyre needs urgent maintenance
  • Customized reports and alerts: On-demand or prescheduled reports enable you to efficiently plan your tyre maintenance

Goodyear FleetHub web



Goodyear DriverHub
Mobile Application

Instant access to your vehicle data
  • One app to assist your drivers: Specifically tailored to drivers, the app provides information on the vehicle’s tyre condition each time the vehicle drives over the plate
  • Know what is going on: Alerts and notifications immediately inform you if a change in tyre pressure and/or tread depth is detected