Frédéric Lurol - Technical Director, JH Mesguen, France

500 vehicles fitted with Goodyear tyres and protected by Goodyear CheckPoint

JH Mesguen has been operating in the fruit and vegetable transportation between Paris and Brittany since 1998 and has always used Goodyear tyres on a fleet that now comprises 500 vehicles. According to Frédéric Lurol, Technical Director and one of the company’s managing directors, Goodyear tyres are critical to the performance of the trucks: “KMAX tyres offer great traction throughout a longer tyre life because of the greater depth of rubber, while FUELMAX tyres meet our fuel consumption needs. We put FUELMAX on the trucks and trailers that do the highest mileage so we get more cost savings.”

"The new generation of connected tyres, with the RFID tag embedded inside them, has saved us a lot of time."

Frédéric is enthusiastic about the recent innovation proposed by Goodyear: ”The new generation of connected tyres, with the RFID tag embedded inside them, has saved us a lot of time. When we receive a delivery, we can scan the tyres and the data is automatically recorded by our IT department”.


But the company has recently begun to reap a greater benefit from its relationship with Goodyear. Frédéric explains how Goodyear technology also helps them to reduce downtime caused by punctures: “When Goodyear invited me to England for a demonstration of the drive-over-reader plate at one of their clients, I felt it was important for us to have one in our own yard.”

The drive-over reader plate is a solution that enables Frédéric and his team to anticipate and prevent a lot of breakdowns because it automatically measures the tyre pressure and tread depth of every tyre as trucks enter and leave the site. To Ludovic Paul, the Fleet Manager at JH Mesguen, this is invaluable: “The main benefit of this equipment is to enable us to carry out our own repairs. When the truck passes over the drive-over-reader plate, we get a report for each truck on laptops, tablets or mobile phones. If there is a pressure drop or insufficient tread depth, we know about it.”


Armed with this knowledge, the company is able to make repairs before the truck sets out again. Once the trucks are out on the road (or more than 5km from home) Goodyear ServiceLine24 will deal with any problems but, as Frédéric explains, with CheckPoint in the yard, this happens less often: “We have had fewer punctures in 2020 compared to 2019, and we can see how the use of Goodyear tyres, service and technology is helping us to run more efficiently”.


"The main benefit of Goodyear CheckPoint is to enable us to carry out our own repairs."


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