Goodyear Tyre Reviews Ratings 2021

Would you know how to choose the best tyre for your car?

For many motorists, the answer is often no. Choosing a tyre can be complex, with no shortage of products to choose from. Even with a working understanding of the difference between winter, all-season and track-inspired tyres, it can be difficult to know what, exactly, would be best for your vehicle. That’s why Goodyear tyres have been awarded rating badges by Tyre Reviews, a leading source of independent tyre information. Based on real consumer reviews, these badges are intended to help make the best choice for your car. The badges assign each tyre a score, demonstrating their performance in seven distinct categories, such as handling, tread life and wet grip. They are calculated by averaging category scores given by users of the Tyre Reviews website, in order to provide you with reliable, trustworthy advice.

Vector 4Seasons Gen-3

Excellent wet, dry and snow performance. More test wins than any other brand tested*

Eagle F1 SuperSport

A race inspired tyre for superior grip and handling on dry roads.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Luxurious comfort with superior braking performance on wet.

Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

Excellent driving performance in all weather conditions all year long.

EfficientGrip Performance

The tyre with improved grip and shorter braking distances on wet roads.

EfficientGrip 2 SUV

Get 25% more mileage, Go further with Goodyear*

*Based on 40 reviews in journals from January 2013 to January 2020, conducted by 15 of the leading and independent European tire magazines. The calculation is based on the number of goodyear test victories in the year round category over all competitors tested. More information under

*Compared to predecessor EfficientGrip SUV