Can Run Flat Tyres be Repaired?

Repairing Run Flat Tyres

Goodyear Run On Flat Tyres are specifically designed to minimise the inconvenience and danger caused by damage or punctures due to their reinforced structure. Should a puncture occur, the driver can safely continue their journey at a reduced speed until there is a safe place to fix the tyre. Find out more about how our Run On Flat tyres work here.  

How do Run Flat Tyres Work?

The reinforced sidewall structure of Goodyear Run On Flat tyres allows the tyre to continue to support the weight of the vehicle in the event of a puncture or damage. The strengthened tyre shoulders help to ensure vehicle stability during air less, prevent swerving or lack of steering and reduce the eventually of having to change the tyre on the roadside. Fitted only to vehicles with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, the driver is alerted to pressure loss and becomes aware of the need to minimise the journey length to find a safe location for tyre repair. 


Learn more about the structure of Run on Flat tyres. 

Internal structure of Goodyear Run Flat Tyres

Are They Less Likely To Puncture and Can They Blow Out?

Run On Flat tyres do not reduce the likelihood of a puncture or damage however, the reinforced structure of the tyre provides additional safety and convenience features that traditionally designed tyres do not. The tyre is designed to be able to provide the vehicle with stability to travel at a reduced speed to a safe place or garage to be fixed. The benefit of this means the driver does not have the difficulty or danger of changing a tyre at the side of the road, whilst removing the need to call for emergency roadside assistance.  

Can Run Flat Tyres be Repaired?

Although not all manufacturer Run Flat tyres can be repaired, Goodyear Run On Flat Tyres can be repaired by a qualified tyre professional following a thorough inspection and analysis of the tyre history. In case of any doubt, it is recommended that the tyre should not be fixed. Tyres may only have one repair in their lifetime, all repair work is the responsibility of the tyre professional.


Goodyear does not support tyre repairs under the following conditions:

Repairs outside of the tread area (the shoulders)

If the sidewall area is damaged inside or outside of the tyre by a sharp object which could reduce support insert – substantially reducing the distance and lifespan of the tyre

Tyres that have been driven at a low or zero pressure for a substantial distance

Inner liner damage or rough appearance

Any damage that would make a standard tyre unrepairable

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How to Maintain Your Run Flat Tyres

Despite their reinforced design, Run On Flat tyres contain the same compounds as conventional tyres and can be cared for in a similar way detailed on the Maintaining Your Tyres page. It is recommended to carry out regular visual checks for damage alongside monitoring pressure and tread depth to extend tyre longevity. 

Are Part Worn Run Flat Tyres Safe?

In the case of Run On Flat tyres, it is strongly recommended not to buy part worn tyres. When purchasing a part worn tyre, the history of tyre such as defects, damage and repairs are unknown. This can prove to be dangerous in the case of a Run On Flat tyre due to the difficulty of understanding how it will react in the case of a puncture or damage, compromising on safety and performance.


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