UUHP Tyres


What are UUHP Tyres?


UUHP stands for Ultra Ultra High Performance which is a category of performance tyres that are typically Z rated to cope with the top speeds of powerful performance cars. UUHP tyres are designed to maximise contact with the road surface to provide enhanced handling and grip which allows the driver to test the limits of the car either on the road or at a track day. Goodyear UUHP tyres are developed from race tyre technology to provide the driver with optimal driving experience. 


What’s The Difference Between UHP Tyres and UUHP Tyres?


UHP stands for Ultra High Performance tyres – which typically have a speed rating of W or Y and are typically above 17” in rim size. UHP tyres are designed to deliver a sporty and precise feel with luxurious comfort. Their wide footprint construction helps to maximise contact with the road, whilst also benefiting from a lower aspect ratio which provides improved handling and stability. 

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 fitted to VW Golf - an ultra high performance tyre

Goodyear's Highest Rated UUHP Tyres

Eagle F1 SuperSport R

Exceptional grip and steering precision on dry surfaces, on and off track.

Available in sizes: 18"-21"

Eagle F1 SuperSport RS

A track ready tyre with exhilarating performance on dry surfaces.

Available in sizes: 20"-21"

Porsche 911 GT2 RS with Eagle F1 SuperSport R & RS

For the launch of the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport range, Jon Benson from Tyre Reviews put the Eagle F1 SuperSport R and RS to the test at the Ascari North Loop. These tyres are road legal but designed for track used to enhance the performance of the Porsche GT2 RS. See the detailed review video from Jon Benson.


Can You Get Winter or All Season UUHP Tyres?

It is uncommon to find UUHP tyres for seasons other than summer due to the nature of the construction of the tyre being optimised for when conditions are at their best for performance driving in the summer. However, you can get UHP tyres designed for winter, such as the UltraGrip Performance+.

Winter Tyre Focus: UltraGrip Performance +

Wet and dry winter performance.

Popular choice for: Ford Fiesta, VW Golf, Audi A4

Available in sizes: 15"-22"

Short Braking Distances on Wet & Dry Roads

Braking forwards are easily transmitted into grip. New traction resin improves deformation and reformation capabilities of the tyre.

Improved grip on snow & ice

New compound mixture leads to improved rubbber elasticity at low temperatures.


Original Equipment High Performance Tyres


Goodyear regularly work with vehicle manufacturers to develop high performance tyres for new car models in order to provide the best possible performance on the road for specific models. For example, the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS is designed for use specifically on the Porsche GT2 RS and GT3 RS.

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