Car Tyres & Fuel Efficiency

What are Fuel Efficient Car Tyres?

The easiest way to identify a fuel efficient tyre is by using the information provided on the EU Tyre Label which provides a rating system for fuel efficiency between A to E. An A rated tyre is the most fuel efficient rating, going down to an E grade. Higher rated tyres are able to be more efficient with fuel due to their design providing lower rolling resistance, meaning less fuel is needed to propel the vehicle forwards, allowing you to get more miles from your tank and lower your CO2 emissions.

Tyre Fuel Efficiency Ratings Explained

The new EU Tyre Label now features a rating on the tyre’s fuel efficiency – marked from A being the best rated to E being the least fuel efficient tyre. Between each grading from A to E, fuel consumption is increased by around 1.6 litres for every 1000 miles driven. The more fuel efficient your tyres are, the less fuel your vehicle will use and will help to reduce the environmental impact.

Tyre Fuel Efficiency Chart

Fuel efficiency rating system on the EU Tyre Label

Tyres account for up to 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption so choosing a tyre rated highly on fuel efficiency will provide more miles from a tank of fuel and lower your CO2 emissions. 


The new EU Tyre Label provides a fuel efficiency rating for each tyre based upon a tyre's rolling resistance. The ratings range from class A, indicating best fuel economy, through to class E being less fuel efficient.

How Much Do Tyres Affect Fuel Efficiency?

There are many aspects of a tyre’s design that can impact how fuel efficient they can be:

  • Optimal fuel efficiency is achieved through the tyre’s overall design
  • Goodyear’s engineers are always looking for new and innovative solutions to improve rolling resistance which therefore increases fuel efficiency
  • Every aspect of the tyre impacts fuel efficiency – from the tyre’s bead and belt internally to the sidewall construction and tread design
  • Tyre pressure also plays a large part in fuel efficiency – over/underinflated tyres can reduce fuel efficiency

What are Low Rolling Resistance Tyres?

A tyre with low rolling resistance is designed to use less energy to turn the tyres. By requiring less power from the vehicle to the tyres to gain momentum, it also means your vehicle will use less fuel and therefore reduce your environmental impact. Not only is this important for traditional combustion vehicles but it can also make your electric vehicle more efficient by using less battery power and allowing you to travel more miles per charge, thanks to a low rolling resistance tyre. 

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When Will Your Vehicle Use More Fuel?

As well as the design and construction of the tyre, there are also many other factors to take into consideration when assessing fuel consumption:

  • Road conditions – uneven and rough surfaces
  • Weather – driving against heavy rain and windy conditions
  • Weight of the load in the car
  • Driving style
  • Short journeys which don't allow the engine an opportunity to warm up
  • Stop/start journeys 
  • Twisting roads and climbing hills
  • Maintenance of engine and components
  • Wheel alignment

A-Rated Fuel Efficient Tyres

A/B rated tyres are the most fuel efficient and can provide increased mileage. The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 provides 20% more miles than the next best competitor* – giving you more miles for your money.

EfficientGrip Performance 2

20% more mileage than the next best competitor*

Popular choice for: Ford Focus, BMW 1 Series, Peugeot 308

Available in sizes 15" - 19"

Mileage Plus Technology

High tread elasticity and flexibility result in fewer fractures caused by rough road conditions (over a wide range of temperatures). 

Wet Braking Technology

Lower compound stiffness facilitates block bending and wiping out of water. Longer and increased number of gripping edges facilitates water evacuation.

Dry Stability Technology

Larger ribs at the centre of the tread ensure higher stiffness.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 - Driver Reviews City Cars-Winner  2022
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 - Driver Reviews Large Family Cars-Highly Recommended 2022

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*20%/11,000km higher mileage than next best tested competitor. Mileage (i.e., until legal treadwear limit is reached) compared to four latest designs from competitors in summer HP segment (Michelin Primacy 4, Continental PremiumContact 6, Bridgestone Turanza T005, Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue). Tested by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH in November 2019 by order of Goodyear. Tyre size tested: 205/55R16 91V; Test car: VW Golf Mk7; Test location: open roads in central Germany. Report number: 713171748. Full report available at: