Toyota Tyres: Choose Goodyear

Toyota is one of the world's best known vehicle manufacturers who also have an illustrious history in motorsport. Many Toyota vehicles are fitted with Goodyear tyres as the original equipment (OE) tyres. When vehicles are manufactured, OE tyres are designed alongside the vehicle to provide optimum performance for that specific car model. So if you're looking to replace your Toyota's tyres, continuing to use original equipment will maintain optimised driving performance.

Many Toyota cars can be fitted with Goodyear tyres. So if your Toyota tyres need replacing, ask your dealer about Goodyear. Our tyres win awards, both on the road and on the track. We’re proud of the innovation and performance that drives Goodyear tyres. It’s the reason behind our success in both independent tyre test awards and motorsport podiums.  

Current products

Summer Excellence


Fitted on the TOYOTA AURIS

The three-in-one tyre that delivers superb grip, handling and comfort.

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Summer EfficientGrip Cargo

EfficientGrip Cargo

Fitted on the TOYOTA HINO

The new Light Truck tyre that can become your reliable partner – it takes you 10,000km further*, saves fuel and delivers shorter braking distances on wet roads.

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