Citroen Tyres: Choose Goodyear

Citroen is a French car manufacturer who produce cars of various sizes to suit different needs. You’ll find the Citroen C5 is a compact SUV that will need suitable tyres to support the extra weight of the vehicle, while the Citroen C1 is ideal for city driving and needs tyres that can respond to regular braking and accelerating. If you own a Citroen and need to replace your tyres, then Goodyear should be your first choice. Our tyres offer various capabilities from reduced noise feedback to SmartWear technology to ensure tyre longevity. 

Goodyear tyres are used as Original Equipment by many car manufacturers. Goodyear is favoured by engineers because of the technology and innovation that goes into all of the tyres. They’re rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance and safety from your Citroen, and when you use OE you know you’re going to get the best performance from your car.

Not every tyre will fit your vehicle. Let us help you find the right tyre.