SUV & 4x4 Winter Tyres

Best Winter Tyres for an SUV/4X4

Purposely made for vehicles with a higher centre of gravity such as SUVs and 4x4s, the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ SUV is designed with outstanding snow grip, Sound Comfort Technology and rim protection*. These tyres are ideal for cold weather, winter performance and shine on snow and ice thanks to Traction Protect Technology designed to provide 2% shorter braking in wet and dry winter conditions**.

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ SUV

Ultimate grip in all winter conditions for SUVs.

Popular choice for: Jaguar F Pace, Skoda Kodiaq & Kia Sportage
Available in sizes: 16" - 22"
Mileage Plus Technology

Get 13% more miles with Mileage Plus Technology*. High tread elasticity results in less fractures caused by rough road conditions.

Winter Grip Technology

Strong grip on snow and ice. The new compound mixture leads to improved rubber elasticity at low temperatures.

Traction Protect Technology

2% shorter braking in wet and dry conditions*. Traction Protect Technology ensures braking forces can be transmitted into grip faster. 

Goodyear Winter SUV tyre on snow and frost in UK

Do 4X4 or SUV's Need Winter Tyres?

Whether you drive a 4x4, FWD or RWD vehicle, in areas with harsh winter conditions winter tyres can make a very big difference to the traction and grip your vehicle is able to obtain. If you live in an area that typically gets bad Winters with icy roads and steep inclines – or if you like to take snowy trips around the country, then winter tyres on a 4x4 or SUV will be the best setup you can get.

Winter Tyres

Optimised for cold weather conditions of around 7°c and below, winter tyres also feature tread patterns designed to maximise grip, traction and braking force on snow and ice.

Designed to: enhance grip in even the most severe winter weather conditions including slush, snow, freezing rain and ice.

Consider if: you live in a place that frequently sees snow or ice. However, winter tyres aren’t designed for all seasons. As a rule of thumb, when the temperature rises above 7°c for optimal performance you should change to a set of summer tyres. A great alternative to changing your tyres in line with the seasons is fitting an all-season tyre such as the Vector 4Seasons – designed to combine the best of both winter and summer tyre performance.


More on Winter Tyres

You can find out much more about Winter Tyres in our guide here where we answer questions related to winter driving such as when you should switch to winter tyres and if you can mix winter and summer tyres together.

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*Compared to predecessor UltraGrip Performance SUV.