Choosing the right Goodyear tyre for you


With a wide range of summer, winter and all season tyres on the market, choosing the right tyre to suit your needs, driving style and vehicle can be confusing. Jon Benson from explains through a series of short videos on how to find the right tyre for you. 

What type of tyre should I fit to my vehicle: Car, 4x4 or SUV?

Goodyear tyres are designed to work in differing ways depending upon vehicle type, performance requirements and terrain. Jon Benson at looks at the differences between standard Car, SUV and Off-road tyres, helping you to choose the right tyre for your needs. 

What is the difference between Summer, Winter and All-Season tyres?

Jon Benson at explains the differences between Summer, Winter and All-Season tyres and offers insight as to which tyres to choose for varying weather conditions. 

What are Original Equipment (OE) tyres?

Goodyear work with car manufacturers for anything between 2-3 years in the development of Original Equipment tyres for brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes and BMW. Original Equipment (OE) tyres are designed to ensure that the individual vehicles' performance can be maximised. 

Jon Benson at explains the OE process and the importance of replacing your tyres with like-for-like. 


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