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  • Long Haul
  • Long Haul Drive tyre

Up to 10% improved rolling resistance compared to its predecessor*. Thanks to a high-net-to gross ratio in combination to low tread depth the new FUELMAX D tyre leads to lower rolling resistance and improved mileage. The new FUELMAX D also features the M+S and 3 Peak Mountain snow flake resulting in:

  • Excellent winter traction
  • And meeting legal winter requirements
  • FUELMAX TÜV Technologie
  • FUELMAX Technology

    FUELMAX Technology

  • Retreadable


Performance ratings

  • Fuel consumption 5 out of 5
  • Mileage potential 4 out of 5
  • Snow grip 2.5 out of 5

Based on Goodyear internal tests


" Size


Tyre section width, aspect ratio, tyre construction (R= Radial) and rim diameter.

Load index (LI2)

Load Index

Indicates maximum load a given tyre can carry.

Speed Symbol (SI2)

Speed Index

Indicates maximum speed for a given tyre.

Axle load (Kg)

Axle load (kg)

The maximum weight per axle.

Norm. Inf

Nom. Infl

Nominal inflation (bar).

Rec. Rim

Rec. Rim

Recommended rim width (as per ETRTO).





Goodyear FUELMAX D
  1. 1. High Net-to-Gross ratio

    Improved rolling resistance and higher mileage

  2. 2. Extra wide tread width

    Better rolling resistance and mileage

  3. 3. Reduced Non-skid depth

    Better rolling resistance and noise

  4. 4. Directional tread design

    Better traction and noise

  5. 5. Rain drop / flexomatic blades

    Improved mileage, traction and handling

      * Comparative tests made by Goodyear GIC*L on size 315/70R22.5 show that new Goodyear FUELMAX S and FUELMAX D steer and drive tyres offer an improvement in rolling resistance of up to 6% and 10% respectively vs. Goodyear Marathon LHS II + and LHD II + tyres.


  • Regional and long haul application

FUELMAX TÜV Technologie

FuelMax Technology

FUELMAX Technology

The FUELMAX D features a new rib type design.

Directional tread design and continuous ribs are better for rolling resistance than a classical block type design. The advantage is the result of low rolling resistance, better traction and lower noise.

FUELMAX Product video

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