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ULTRA GRIP MAX Technologies

ULTRA GRIP MAX is Goodyear’s range of winter tyres for trucks. IntelliMax Block Technology and IntelliMax Edge Technology help ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres to deliver enhanced grip throughout their entire life. IntelliMax Block Technology features longitudinal, diamond shape blocks with variable depth and contoured sipes. These produce variant block strengths to maximize sipe opening for optimal snow and ice grip. When the tyre rolls through its footprint, the contoured sipes interlock for tread stiffness, giving regular wear and a high mileage potential. IntelliMax Edge Technology features tapered, stepped groove angles, which form a high number of ‘biting edges’ for optimum tyre to road connectivity, especially on slippery surfaces. Designed specifically for tough winter conditions, ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres fulfil the stringent requirements that allow them to carry 3PMSF symbol on the sidewall. This is the highest recognised qualification for truck winter tyre performance. Thanks to the innovative tread compound and pattern design, the outstanding feature of the tyres is their ability to maintain this high level of performance through their life. The ULTRA GRIP MAX D drive tyre still qualifies for the strictly regulated winter marking even when it is 50% worn.