Truck Highway

Truck Highway

Truck Interregional

Truck Interregional

The steer axle tyre that gives fleet managers more options on more routes. Offers fuel efficiency for a wider range of roads, including motorways and A or B roads.

  • Suitable for motorways and A or B roads
  • Designed to reduce fuel costs
  • Helps you meet CO2 emissions targets
Truck Highway

Be more sustainable while saving money

The FUELMAX S ENDURANCE brings fuel efficiency to more roads than ever. Now you're saving fuel and reducing emissions not just on motorways but even on A and B roads.



  1. Proven IntelliMax Rib Technology in conjunction with optimised rib width distribution and groove geometry.

    Stiffener bridges in the shoulder grooves connect when the tyre rolls through the footprint. The outer ribs support each other creating a stiffer shoulder design and limiting wear in regional applications.
  • Improved regular wear and damage resistance;
  • high mileage potential;
  • suitable for motorways and A or B roads.


  1. Plus 1,2 mm tread depth at 315/70R22.5*; High net-to-gross ratio.

    The increased tread depth results in more wearable rubber volume and better late-life traction; The large surface contact area limits tread movement and keeps rolling resistance low.
  • High mileage potential;
  • all-weather-traction until late life.

*compared to FUELMAX GEN-2 on selected sizes


  1. Fuel saving, high abrasion resistant tread compound; low rolling resistant sidewall compound.

    Low hysteresis tread compound ensures cool running capabilities to reduce heat build-up and energy loss; the sidewall compound compensates for energy losses caused by the increased traction and wear capabilities.
  • Low rolling resistance combined with improved treadwear resistance for excellent fuel-efficiency and high mileage potential.


  1. 5-rib tread design with high net-to-gross ratio; improved crown cavity and belt package.

    4-belt construction with improved top belt angle and crown cavity for reduced rolling resistance; increased homogenous contact surface area with low heat building up.
  • High lateral stability;
  • even wear and footprint pressure distribution;
  • increased damage resistance and mileage potential on motorways and A or B roads.


(Actual features depending on tyre size)

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Rec. Rim Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Wet Grip Noise Noise Snow 3PMSF Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
5-rib design
156 / 150 L - - - B B A - 71dB check icon Download
design w/o stiffeners
156 / 150 L 154 / 150 M - B B A - 71dB check icon Download
6-rib design
160 K 158 L - B B A - 71dB check icon Download
design w/o stiffeners
160 K 158 L - B B A - 71dB check icon Download

Regrooving recommendations


Regrooving recommendations


 All Goodyear truck tyres are both retreadable and regroovable and have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.