Goodyear Truck Tyres

How to choose tyres

You’re six questions away from the right tyre choice

Goodyear provides tyres for thousands of fleet customers around the world. Because those customers have different needs, we have developed one of the widest tyre ranges around. That’s great news because there will certainly be a Goodyear tyre that will give you exactly what you need: the downside is that you’ve got some decisions to make.


So where do you start?


To help you work out which tyre you need, we have put together a useful list of questions. Go through the following list and it should become clear what kind of tyre you need. Once you’ve finished, go and visit our tyre page and use our filters to narrow down your search. We’re confident you will find the right Goodyear tyre in no time.

1. What vehicle are you using?

We have dedicated tyre families designed specifically for trucks, buses and coaches. 

2. What kind of journeys are you undertaking?

Our tyre ranges are optimised for different uses. For general transport, you will be able to choose between regional haul and long-haul transport tyres. Our KMAX range can be used for both whereas our more fuel-efficient lines, FUELMAX and FUELMAX Performance are only meant to be used on long-haul transport. When vehicles are partially going off road, we offer the OMNITRAC range. If your vehicles are going to spend more time off the road than on it, the OFFROAD range is the solution, as the name suggests. For people transport, we have two tyre families: the URBANMAX has reinforced sidewalls, which are greatly appreciated in the city environment where kerbside contact is occasionally inevitable, whereas the COACH line will deliver better results when used for intercity transport.

3. What are your priorities?

Our most popular range is KMAX which focuses on robustness and versatility. But some of our customers have a higher focus on fuel consumption and CO2 emission, so for them we have the FUELMAX and FUELMAX Performance range. And don’t forget that there are other ways to meet your needs too: if your priority is to reduce vehicle downtime you can install TPMS sensors, which give you advance warning of tyre problems.

4. On which axle are you putting the tyre?

Even within the same tyres families, we use different designs on each axle. The design of the tyre – especially the tread design – reflects the function of each axle. For example, steer axle tyres need to twist and turn while the other tyres just point forward, which is why they require a different grip pattern and why they wear in different ways. Drive tyres, for their part, are responsible for turning engine power into forward motion – so for them traction is everything.

5. What size do you need?

Our tyres are available in the most common sizes used in Europe. We also offer low-deck sizes (315/45R22.5, 435/50R19.5, 445/45R19.5) which reduce the height of the tyre and therefore allows customers to increase the volume transported in a trailer.

6. What’s the weather like?

Most of our tyres are versatile enough to be used in all conditions. You can check the 3PMSF marking which ensures compliance with European Winter legislation. But some customers at high altitude (or extreme latitude) have to deal with very low temperatures and extreme winter conditions and may appreciate the specialist qualities of our ULTRAGRIP line, which is specially designed to provide better grip on ice, slush and snow.

Ready to choose your tyres?

Why not take a look at our tyre range online? Or if you need more help, please contact your local dealer.