Promote sustainability

Reducing waste

Use less of the world’s natural resources

While cutting the amount of fuel you use will have an important impact on CO2 emissions, we also have a responsibility to minimise the other resources we consume.

Get more mileage from each tyre by retreading and regrooving

Using Goodyear’s retreading and regrooving programme, you can extend the life of your tyres by 150%, compared to buying new. Retreading tyres means 66% less crude oil used in manufacturing, and also means fewer tyres to dispose of.

Goodyear Retreading for higher mileage


  • A choice of available designs responding to your needs, providing the same quality performance as new  
  • Goodyear's Customer Own Casing program (COC) – if you want your own casings to be retreaded
  • Goodyear's Casing Exchange program (CEX): exchange your casings for other pre-used casings
  • Cold cure and mold cure options available
Goodyear Regrooving for higher mileage


  • Make use of existing tread depth by adding new grooves
  • Service available throughout Goodyear TruckForce network