Increase efficiency

Fuel efficiency

Optimize truck fuel consumption with Goodyear Total Mobility

Why let high fuel costs drag you down?

Fuel is a major cost of every truck fleet; minimising it is therefore a major priority. Goodyear Total Mobility brings you some great ways of cutting back on fuel:


Low rolling resistance – the key to low fuel consumption.

Truck tyres like FUELMAX ENDURANCE, FUELMAX GEN-2 and FUELMAX PERFORMANCE have been designed with your needs in mind. Tread design, compound and tyre construction all contribute to reduced rolling resistance. And less resistance means the engine does less work. So less fuel.

Goodyear Fuelmax Performance tyres for fuel efficiency


  • Ultra-low rolling resistance
  • Designed primarily for long-haul motorway routes
Goodyear Fuelmax Endurance tyres for fuel efficiency


  • Fuel efficiency on higways and secondary roads
  • Robustness and traction
  • Latest addition to the range
Goodyear Fuelmax Gen-2 tyres for fuel efficiency

Goodyear FUELMAX GEN-2

  • Wide range of fuel-efficient tyres for all vehicles 

Get the pressure right – and get your consumption right

If truck tyres are under-inflated by just 1 bar, it can cost 900€ more per vehicle per year. Solutions such as the real-time TPMS and the yard-based CheckPoint and DrivePoint help you stay on top of pressure levels. So your tyres are nicely inflated, while your fuel bills aren’t.

Goodyear truck tyre pressure monitoring system for fuel efficiency

Goodyear TPMS

  • Real-time truck tyre pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Proactive alerts to avoid potential truck tyre-related issues before they even happen
  • User-friendly applications with prescriptive technology
Goodyear CheckPoint for fuel efficiency

Goodyear CheckPoint

  • Drive-on, drive-off for fast measurement of tread depth and pressure
  • Also measures load axle weight on in-ground version
Goodyear DrivePoint for fuel efficiency

Goodyear DrivePoint

  • Easy to install yard-based tyre pressure monitoring and valve-fitted sensors
  • Simply drive by for accurate measurement