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Audi Tyres

For decades Audi has chosen Goodyear tyres as original equipment (OE) and homologated tyres for their vehicles – from the A4 to the latest Audi e-tron GT, the vehicles and the tyres they drive on have stood the test of time and wear.

Original Equipment tyres deliver optimised vehicle performance and ride, and as the driver’s only contact with the road surface, are a crucial component of the vehicle. Goodyear's Audi tyres are fine-tuned to each vehicle chassis and built bespoke to the marque, model, type and specification of the vehicle. With over 120 years of refining and enhancing premium tyres and over 600 OE contracts with leading car manufacturers, you can trust our bespoke built tyres to retain your vehicle’s performance.

Audi Logo working with Goodyear Tyres
Audi A4 fitted with Goodyear tyres
Audi A6 with Goodyear tyres
Audi etron GT with Goodyear tyres as Original Equipment

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