Summer tyres



Summer tyres

Summer tyres handle and grip well on dry and wet roads.

Reasons to choose summer tyres:

  • Summer tyres: are specifically designed for an optimal performance in summer conditions.
  • Responsiveness: they’ll make steering quick and accurate – especially during hard cornering.
  • Handling: with their softer rubber compounds they help you tackle twists, turns and other obstacles.

Summer tyre technologies

Look out for these technologies in our summer tyres:

  • Active Braking Technology helps you stop quicker on wet and dry roads.
  • Racing Derived Construction improves steering precision and handling.
  • 3D Bubble Blade™ Interlocking System helps your car handle better in dry weather.
  • Race-Inspired Ultra High Performance Tread Compound helps provide excellent dry traction.
  • Dry Zones: large tread blocks along the outer edges to help provide confident handling on dry roads.
Summer and all-season tyres

In all conditions

Before any long journey, take a few minutes to check the tread and pressure of your tyres (the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm of 100% of the tread).

It’s also sensible to keep an emergency kit in your car just in case. These often contain things like a high-visibility vest, jump leads and basic first-aid supplies. Everyday items like water, a blanket, phone charger and paper towels are also useful.

Some countries ask you to carry certain items by law – like first-aid kits and warning triangles – so check before you set off.

In Summer

Summer tyres and driving


You’ll find your vehicle will perform better on wet and dry roads with good summer tyres.


It’s easy to forget, but keeping all your fluids topped up is vital. Check your oil regularly, make sure you have enough windscreen washer fluid and don’t forget your brake fluid or coolant.

Tyre pressure

Little known fact: your tyres lose twice as much pressure in summer as they do in winter, so make sure you check your tyre pressure regularly. Underinflated tyres reduce your fuel economy.


Your battery works harder in the summer months, so if it’s a few years old consider having it tested by a professional.

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