OE = original equipment

What is OE?

  • OE stands for Original Equipment - the parts that your vehicle was fitte with at the factory.
  • OE tyres are developed for each make of vehicle and are tuned and     adapted to each model type to provide the performance characteristics the manufacturer desires.
  • Tyre specifications are unique to each manufacturer and follow their own brand philosophy and DNA.
  • Only OE approved tyres are fitted to new vehicles on the assembly line.

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Why is it important for me?

  1. Optimal Performance: OE tyres and vehicles are designed together, so continuing to use original equipment will maintain the optimised driving performance the manufacturer intended.
  2. Quality: manufacturers trust Goodyear to provide highly engineered tyres bespoke to their vehicles. You can do the same by choosing Original Equipment.
  3. Delivering trust: all Goodyear tyres are tested for more than 50 performance characteristics to ensure optimal performance.