Understanding your Goodyear tyres

What do the markings on my tyres sidewall mean?

The sidewall of your tyres can often seem like a daunting array of letters, numbers and markings. However, Jon Benson at tyrereviews.co.uk takes us through the details to help you understand what they all mean.

From Run on Flat to Original Equipment (OE), Jon has everything you need to know covered in this short Tyre Topics video. 

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What does the EU tyre label mean?

First introduced in 2012, the EU tyre labelling law was designed to help consumers make an informed decision around three important performance criteria: 

  • Wet Grip
  • Rolling Resistance
  • External Noise 

Jon Benson at tyrereviews.co.uk breaks down the key details and explains how Goodyear go above and beyond the basics of the tyre label, developing tyres against more than 50 performance criteria. 

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How do I find the correct tyre pressure?

Tyre pressures are an integral part of your tyres' performance and longevity, affecting grip, fuel efficiency and tread wear. Jon Benson at tyrereviews.co.uk explains how and why you should ensure that your tyre pressures are maintained and checked regularly. 

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