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Truck Highway

Truck Highway

Maximum Fuel Efficiency

  • Specially designed for highways
  • Minimum rolling resistance to save fuel
  • Helps you meet CO2 emission reduction targets
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A word from the Goodyear expert 


“If your vehicles are doing a lot of straight-line driving, the FUELMAX PERFORMANCE can deliver significant fuel savings. But if journeys also involve regional or urban driving, you may find the FUELMAX GEN-2 or KMAX GEN-2 ranges more suitable.”

The perfect tyre for the highway

Long, straight-line journeys are perfect for the FUELMAX D PERFORMANCE. Because fewer twists and turns are required, you can use a tyre designed for the minimum possible rolling resistance. That means significant fuel savings for you and reduced CO2 emissions. 


1. Innovative full silica tread

Chemical formulation and polymer network for ultra-low levels of rolling resistance and wet grip 

> Lower fuel consumption and shorter braking distances.


2. Deep high pitch siping

Sipes go down to 70% of tread depth and maintain biting edges 

> Life-long traction and good wet braking performance; 3PMSF marking.


3. Regular footprint pressure distribution

Even wear in long-haul highway service -> Long-life wear quality, high mileage potential.


4. IntelliMax Groove Technology

Intellimax grooves open when 50% worn, creating additional grip and drainage capabilities in late tyre life 

> High mileage potential and even wear

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Noise Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
315/70R22.5 154 / 150 L 152 / 148 M A C A - 73dB

Regrooving recommendations


 All Goodyear truck tyres are both retreadable and regroovable and have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.

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