About us

Goodyear has a long and distinguished involvement with the Dakar Rally and other motorsports. But, while we love to compete, there is another motive behind our participation in these events…

The harshest conditions drive the best results

Where only the toughest survive…

The Saudi desert, where the Dakar rally is held, is a beautiful but inhospitable place. Searing temperatures, jagged peaks, wide arid valleys. And mile after mile of choking, burning sand. Then trucks and tyres that operate here need to be the toughest around. Yet the rules state that tyres must be commercially available – the same tyres used every day by Goodyear customers.

…and where only the best get onto the podium

We are very proud of our record in the Dakar rally. We are the official tyre partner for the De Rooy team, who won the 2017 Dakar on Goodyear tyres. We have also supported the KAMAZ-Master team for many years, and have been a key part of their recent success. Using our tyres, they came first and second in 2020 – and then went one better by occupying the whole podium in 2021.

Dmitry Sotnikov, winner of Dakar 2021

Almost everyone else had cuts, but we had not one complaint about the tyre during this very challenging edition. Be sure the Dakar is a very serious test for any tyre. We drove two marathon stages with these standard off-road Goodyears, and they have proven themselves very well.

What does this mean for Goodyear customers?

The extreme testing environment of the Dakar event has helped us to hone our craft – and create one of the most robust and high-performing offload tyres available on the commercial market. Our OFFROAD provides excellent traction and very high levels of durability. Cool-running technology is combined with the Goodyear carcass design, creating a tyre that is extremely resistant to wear. These qualities are as essential to our commercial customers as they are to the racing teams. We help maximise uptime, extend tyre life and provide value for money – and seek to ensure that our customers are also leaders in their field.