Promote sustainability

Cutting CO2 emissions

Use less fuel, put out less CO2

Reducing the amount of fuel we use is a major factor on our carbon footprint. Goodyear Total Mobility helps you achieve better fuel efficiency in a number of ways:

Boost fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance

If a truck tyre rolls with less resistance, it requires less fuel. The tread design, compound and construction of tyres like FUELMAX ENDURANCE, FUELMAX GEN-2 and FUELMAX PERFORMANCE have been designed to do just that.

Goodyear Fuelmax Performance tyres


Designed primarily for long-haul motorway routes

Goodyear Fuelmax Endurance tyres


Increased fuel efficiency on secondary roads 

Goodyear Fuelmax Gen-2 tyres

Goodyear FUELMAX GEN-2

Wide range of fuel-efficient tyres for all vehicles 

Monitor tyre pressure to keep fuel consumption down

Tyre pressure makes a big difference to fuel efficiency. If tyres are under-inflated by just 1 bar, it can cost 900€ more per vehicle per year. By using solutions like the real-time Goodyear TPMS and the yard-based CheckPoint and DrivePoint you can make sure your vehicles always operate at the right pressure, helping you save fuel and reduce emissions.

Goodyear truck tyre pressure monitoring system

Goodyear TPMS

  • Real-time pressure  and temperature monitoring
  • Proactive alerts to avoid potential tyre-related issues before they even happen
  • User-friendly applications with prescriptive technology
Goodyear CheckPoint

Goodyear CheckPoint

  • Drive-on, drive-off for fast measurement of tread depth and pressure
  • Also measures load axle weight on in-ground version
Goodyear DrivePoint

Goodyear DrivePoint

  • Easy to install yard-based tyre pressure monitoring and valve-fitted sensors
  • Simply drive by for accurate measurement
Our latest generation tyres are designed for electric vehicles

Switching to electric?

Alternative drivetrains such as electric are fast becoming a viable option for commercial transport fleets. But are your tyres ready to go electric?


All our latest generation tyres such as the KMAX, FUELMAX GEN-2, FUELMAX ENDURANCE, KMAX, URBANMAX have been designed with the future in mind, and can be used confidently on all new electric vehicles:


  • Durability to cope with extra torque
  • Low rolling resistance for range/battery life