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A steer and all-position bus tyre with reinforced sidewalls, designed for urban use such as metropolitan bus services.

  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • High mileage potential
  • For urban/metropolitan applications

Keeping the city moving

URBANMAX offers high mileage and reliability in city applications, principally because it is designed with reinforced sidewalls to protect against occasional kerbside impact. Can be used on any axle and offers good grip in rain and snow.


1. Wide, 5-rib tread pattern

Promotes high mileage, good handling.


2. Flexomatic blading on centre ribs

Promotes high mileage, good performance in wet and snow.


3. Rib edge blading

For even wear and good performance in wet and snow.


4. Enhanced centre rib

High-amplitude centreline rib for improved traction, all-position capability.


5. Robust shoulder

For improved damage resistance.


6. Reinforced sidewalls

With wear indicators for trouble-free tyre life.

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Rec. Rim Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Wet Grip Noise Noise Snow 3PMSF Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
275/70R22.5 148 / 145 J 152 / 148 E 7.5 E C A - 71dB check icon Download
275/70R22.5 150 / 148 J 152 / 148 E - D C A - 71dB check icon Download
275/70R22.5 152 / 149 J - - - C B A - 71dB check icon Download
315/60R22.5 152 / 148 J - - 9 C C B - 72dB check icon Download
265/70R19.5 140 / 138 L - - 7.5 D C A - 70dB check icon Download

Regrooving recommendations


Regrooving recommendations


 All Goodyear truck tyres are both retreadable and regroovable and have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.

A word from the Goodyear expert 


“City driving is hard on bus tyres. The wrong type can be easily damaged by scraping and bumping against kerbsides. URBANMAX tyres have been strengthened to withstand the impacts. They’re pretty good in bad weather but cities that experience extreme winter conditions may want to consider the extra traction of the URBANMAX MCD TRACTION on the drive axle.”