Introducing Goodyear’s new demonstration sustainable truck tyre

A tyre to drive towards a better future

Goodyear's mission is to develop a greener tyre: by 2030 we are committed to producing a tyre made of 100% renewable and recyclable material. With our new sustainable demonstration tyre, made of 63% sustainable material, we are taking a huge step towards that target.


Our new sustainable tyre has been made for the future of road transportation and will help fleets to reduce carbon emissions, fuel costs and their impact on the world's natural resources. Meet the tyre of tomorrow.

Sustainable materials in glass vials

63% sustainable ingredients: a material difference

The 63% sustainable-material demonstration truck tyre includes 15 featured ingredients across 20 tyre components, including four different carbon blacks, rapeseed oil, silica produced from rice husk ash and recycled polyester.


We have re-imagined what it takes to build a modern and robust, working truck tyre, with no compromise on key tyre characteristics. And we are helping truck fleets to operate more sustainably than ever.

Yellow truck driving through landscape road

A-rated fuel efficiency: not just greener, but leaner

One great advantage of the sustainable tyre is that it offers ultra-low rolling resistance. Requiring less energy for every kilometre, we can help petrol trucks to go further on every tank of fuel and to produce fewer emissions – while electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles will enjoy an increased range from every battery charge.


This not only means you can lower your emissions – you can also reduce the cost of running your fleet.

Truck using power of data

Connecting you to the future

The new Goodyear sustainable demonstration truck tyre has been designed for a world where data is an essential part of fleet and tyre management. The tyre that can already benefit from the connectivity provided by our smart solutions (Goodyear TPMS, Checkpoint, RFID, Drivepoint) and in the course of time will play a key role in the mobility ecosystem thanks to existing and future technologies.
By helping you to manage your operations in a leaner way, our new tyre can help your fleet to run more efficiently and sustainably.