GOODYEAR joins forces with ZF to provide one-stop tyre and fleet management support

By pooling our expertise and investment in data-driven technology, Goodyear and ZF are offering transportation companies a custom, one-stop solution for more efficient and sustainable operations – combining Goodyear’s tyres, services and TPMS technology with ZF’s industry-leading Transics brand.

Together, we are working to help fleets like yours to become: 

Using data and technology to reduce costs, improve customer service, reduce late delivery penalties

Using data to prove sustainability to customers and show compliance with evolving legislation

Using data and technology to reduce incidents and improve driver welfare

One telematics device.
One roadmap to a digital future

The great advantage of Goodyear-ZF offer is that you don’t need to worry about multiple suppliers or incompatible technologies. At the heart of all our solutions is the ZF's Transics TX-TRAILERPULSE – a single, central telematics device that controls, channels and processes all data. It reduces your hardware investment, it simplifies operations, and provides a smooth, coherent path to an efficient, data-driven future.



The combined strength of Goodyear and ZF

Together, we offer a broad range of products and solutions that meet a variety of fleet needs.

Goodyear tyres – premium tyres and market-leading tyre management services

Whether your fleet uses highways or regional roads, in good weather or bad, Goodyear has tyres that meet your needs. Supported by a pan-European service network, which offers a variety of tyre-related services from roadside recovery to retreading and regrooving, our tyres deliver the best possible combination of fuel efficiency, mileage and all-weather grip to meet your needs.

Goodyear TPMS – predictive tyre pressure and temperature monitoring solution

Did you know that under-inflation by just 1 bar can increase annual fuel costs by 900€ per vehicle*? This is why our tyre pressure monitoring solution pays for itself. On-rim sensors constantly measure the pressure and the temperature inside of the tyres and transfer the data to the Goodyear cloud. Powerful G-Predict technology interprets the data and informs fleet managers via mobile or desktop apps enabling them to optimise fuel efficiency and tyre wear. 



* based on following assumptions: 150.000 km/year; 35l/100km average fuel consumption; 1 bar less inflation pressure = 5% increased rolling resistance = 1,5% higher fuel consumption; Diesel costs 1,15€/l

ZF's Transics TX-CONNECT – comprehensive fleet back-office solution

ZF's TX-CONNECT is a web-based back-office solution that manages and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners. Designed for fleet managers and dispatchers, it guarantees real-time fleet information, from departure to arrival.


Integrating easily with other software and reporting tools, ZF's TX-CONNECT helps you track your vehicle, check live traffic information, and manage routes – and even search available freights by integrating with online freight exchange portals. 

ZF's Transics TX-TRAILERFIT – back-office platform for trailer health monitoring

ZF's TX-TRAILERFIT records data from trailer EBS systems to provide insights into the technical performance and health of trailers. Designed for fleet vehicle maintenance managers, it remotely provides the technical information and diagnostics read-outs that are required to improve maintenance planning – which in turn helps you to ensure you can keep your trucks on the road and not in the yard.

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