Winter is coming… Are you ready for the cold road?


How to travel the slippiest roads without a single care

Snow, sludge or ice on the road. Winter conditions bring complex challenges for drivers and fleet managers. How to keep it safe, deliver goods on time and avoid downtime? And what about the different winter regulations in each country? With the winter tyres of Goodyear, you are ready for the most extreme weather conditions. Wherever the road takes you. Discover how to drive results, even in winter.

A clear overview of all winter regulations

Do you have to use chains in Germany? Are winter tyres compulsory in Italy? Which type of winter tyres do I have to use in Finland? Unique winter regulations in each country can put you and your fleet to a serious challenge. Figuring out all regulations is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. And your driver hasn’t even left the lot.

To help you save time and money, Goodyear has listed all winter regulations in Europe. Nicely sorted per country, in alphabetical order. 

Planning your next winter trips? Check the winter tyre regulations in all European countries in the Goodyear Winter Guide!

Goodyear winter guide for all european countries

A clear overview of all winter regulations

So what about the countries that require Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) tyres in winter? Don’t worry. Almost all Goodyear’s tyres are 3PMSF marked. 


3PMSF certified tyres comply with winter regulations and have passed specific snow traction tests. The best thing about them? If you’re operating in mild winter conditions, you can use them all year long. 

Discover the flexibility of Goodyear’s KMAX, FUELMAX, and OMNITRACK.ranges And enjoy a carefree winter. Read our Winter Guide to find the best solution for your fleet.

Goodyear Ultra grip Max

Conquer extreme winter conditions with ULTRA GRIP MAX

Traveling through the northern European countries and driving on mountain roads? Go for a dedicated winter tyre. The best way to keep it safe.


With Goodyear’s ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres, you are ready to conquer the most snowy and icy roads and mountains. Get a grip on every situation, even in extreme winter conditions.

Ready to meet all winter conditions? Prepare yourself for the slippiest roads with Goodyear’s ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres. Find your perfect fit in our Winter Guide.


 Don’t let winter slow you down. Get smoothly through the season with the wide range of Goodyear winter tyres. Still doubting which tyre is best for your fleet? Discover all your options in our Winter Guide. 

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