Increase efficiency

Process efficiency

You want to step up efficiency in your processes?

It’s not just about trucks – if you provide your people with tools that make processes more efficient, the whole operation benefits.

Simplify tasks with FleetOnlineSolutions, a centralised tyre management system

Simplify international admin tasks

Managing a fleet of trucks across a wide area means multiple suppliers, multiple invoices, multiple currencies. That’s a lot of work and complexity, which can be made much easier with FleetOnlineSolutions – a single, centralised tyre management system.




  • Handles multi-currency invoicing
  • Centralised billing
  • Unified tyre policy
  • Available on desktop and mobile app

Keep your yard working hard

Manual processes in fleet parks take up a lot of time and money. Automating tyre and vehicle checks using solutions like Goodyear CheckPoint and  DrivePoint can  bring you huge efficiency gains.  What used to take 3 working days, is not done in only one hour.

Goodyear CheckPoint for more efficiency

Goodyear CheckPoint

  • Can measure axle weight, tread depth and tyre pressure simultaneously
  • Alerts via user friendly web and mobile applications with prescriptive technology to help to make the right decision
  • Goodyear DrivePoint for more efficiency

    Goodyear DrivePoint

  • Valve-fitted sensors
  • One-time installation within 2 hours